Scene It: Caliente, circo de danza flamboyance and fabulousness!

December 12, 2017

Caliente, the latest FollowSpot Productions presented flirtatious cabaret, still stays true to their distinctive theatre style, but also brings something new and surprising. Supporters of their shows will not be left disappointed by their latest sensual offering onstage at FollowSpot’s very own theatre home, Kalk Bay Theatre and Restaurant.


With a variety of dance and music numbers (with a good dose of sass and comedy), presented by Vannessa Harris as MC with a Sofia Vergara type presence, the show may not have a clear narrative at first impression. However, when you allow yourself to be drawn in by the mix of rhythm, movement, perfect harmonies, lighting, projections and spoken word – all presented with exceptional skill – you soon realise the Caliente ‘story’ is ‘told’ through emotional-triggers. It is a visual symphony with mariachi inspiration.

As a collage of emotions, it turns on the idea of trust – in dance, in performance, in life – explored with a delicate balance between control and fluidity. It cleverly and in a very complimentary fashion brings together phenomenal performances that would otherwise seem disjointed. It merges everything from MJ inspired tap dance moves and guitar ballads, to comedic drumming and jaw-dropping cirque acts. One could even be so bold as to describe it as a sassy modern twist to what traditionally is rather a dramatically explored theme. On a more educational, yet still entertaining note, Caliente also shows that every good mariachi band needs a xylophone player!


In addition to all this, what is very special about Caliente is that it is the first time in three years that Ashley Searle, Bradley Searle and Vanessa Harris get to share a stage. The energy and talent this trio’s dance-reunion brings to Caliente is simply amazing. Add to that the phenomenal voice of Liam McDermott (who is also slowly edging his way into the acting side of things) and the expressive grace of Nicole van den Berg and Emily Isted, and it is no wonder that FollowSpot once again offers you some theatre magic with Caliente.

So what can you expect when booking for this fun show to shake off any 2017 blues and get into the holiday spirit proper? Well, everything from a seductive singing matador to quick-change comedy with flirtatious sensual innuendos (so leave the kids at home!). It makes for a delightful end-of-year theatre night out. It also confirms all suspicions that most things in life can be fixed (or at least temporarily forgotten) with some tequila and a boisterous “Olé”!


Go get your salsa on at Kalk Bay Theatre with Caliente circo de danza flamboyance and fabulousness! You only have until 31 December 2017 to be tempted by this talented cast. Book your tickets online at



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