#CTFringe17: Police Cops in Space

September 30, 2017

They’re back! And they’re still the best damn police cops ever … but this time, they’re in space. Fringe regulars will need no introduction to the team (helmed by director Nasi Voutsas) that brought the world the buddy cop genre parody it didn’t know it needed. Police Cops has delighted audiences in Cape Town and around the globe, and its sequel is about to take the fringe circuit —and possibly the universe— by storm.


The jokes fly at a heart-stopping pace and the actors don’t miss a beat as they harness every corny film trope known to man (and alien) to share with us the touching tale of a son desperate to make his father proud, even if the young man resists his destiny at first. (What’s a story without some conflict, after all? This one has that by the bucket-load, and a lot of it includes robots and mean space pilots who got lost on their way to the Top Gun send-up.)

From the very first gunshot volley, one has no choice but to surrender to the expertly choreographed and completely ludicrous antics of Nathan Parkinson, Zachary Hunt, and Tom Roe as they commit puns so horrible they’re works of genius, produce background music when the soundtrack cuts out, and generally have what appears to be the time of their lives chasing one another around on stage with some rather fetching mops. The entirely gratuitous dance training montage is also a definite highlight.


Please do yourself the considerable favour of making this show part of your immediate future. Police Cops in Space can be seen as part of the Cape Town Fringe Festival at the Little Theatre from the 30th of September to the 7th of October.



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