Scene It: Sleek, fun, toe-tapping theatre night out with 'His Master's Voice'

August 27, 2017

If you love music, dancing, and involuntarily get a bounce in your step when you hear a great song with amazing vocals, then the latest Followspot Productions revue offering, His Master’s Voice, is a show that will see you swaying and clapping along from the comfort of a Kalk Bay Theatre seat.


As a music-comedy mash-up, it is presented in the form of a delightful theatrical offering that Ashley Searle describes as a collection of his wife's favourite songs. As a production, it mixes old school glam with modern music. To create this atmosphere, Vanessa Harris admits she looked to her playlist-favourites for inspiration to gift audiences “a bit of a party show”.


His Master’s Voice is the type of show that allows you to sit back, giggle at the onstage banter, and simply relax. As part of this fun night of theatre, you are invited to listen to the talented cast pay tribute to great hits, (of which Englishman in New York is a favourite of mine), nostalgically embrace twist and swing music vibes, or simply be enchanted by their Adele medley. 


The show is sleek and uniform (both in performance standard and design style), with amazing harmonisation – strongly influenced by the presence of pianist Wesley Wolhuter – that take what you think are merely familiar songs to the next amazing level of melodic allure.


The subtle incorporation of props cleverly grant every cast member something to do – from answering a phone to playing a game of cards – which creates flow and establishes a connection between numbers. This further ensures that no performer is ever just merely standing by, while a co-star enchants patrons. Centre stage is however equally shared, with each performer getting the opportunity to showcase the magic they add to the ensemble. 

Searle and Harris reveal why they were destined to be on- and off-stage partners for life, presenting the audience with a jaw-dropping dance move or two, songstress Lucy Tops shows why she is one of Cape Town’s musical theatre sweethearts, Wolhuter illustrates that his understanding of music makes him a James Bond of the ivory keys (smooth, very smooth), while Hannah Hishin reveals a stage presence and voice that makes her a rising star to watch.


Apart from the fact that I am willing to gamble that at least one, if not more, musical arrangements performed with the vocal charm of this talented ensemble will leave you with goosebumps, the show also has an educational angle: You will leave the theatre at long last understanding why most people inexplicably love Justin Bieber and Kurt Darren songs. You may even be inspired to go out and produce your own hit with the magical chord combinations they disclose!


The talent collaboration of Searle, Harris, Tops, Hishin and Wolhuter make for an enjoyable night at Kalk Bay Theatre – all truly performing with heart and soul – as they lift the Followspot Productions benchmark with His Master’s Voice.


Book online at to catch it before run ends 23 September 2017. Theatre tip, they have great Tuesday and Thursday two-for-one ticket specials, and their restaurant keeps upping the deliciousness standard. So, secure a spot for a mouthwatering pre-show meal, while you are booking your seats.



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