Press: Bunny and the Magic Hat

July 2, 2017

The Masque Theatre is proud to announce that the magnificent “Bunny and the Magic Hat” will be performed at our venue from the 17th to the 20th of July, at 11am daily. Audiences will be delighted by this Family Puppet Theatre Show, presented by SHRiNKray Puppets.


In a backstage dressing room, after a successful show, the magician lays down his black top-hat, hangs up his lustrous cloak, and exits his quarters. Suddenly, a hungry Bunny pops out of the hat. Realising he is alone, Bunny attempts to make the ever elusive carrot appear, using the magicians wand. Unfortunately for Bunny his magic all seems to go horribly wrong, as he finds himself being chased by a vicious tropical fish, a pair of mischievous magic balls, and a terrifying tentacle from a denizen of the deep. What will Bunny do? How will he save himself and, most importantly, will he ever manage to get his carrot?!

Directed by Jess Mias-Jones, performed by Andy Jones and Sivuyile Gaji, Bunny and the Magic Hat is an original, 35 minute puppet theatre piece designed for children and adults aged 3 and up. The characters are gender neutral, with no dialogue; making Bunny a great show appropriate for children and adults of all cultures and languages.


The vision and mission was to create a piece of high quality puppet theatre for all to enjoy, no matter what social, cultural or economic background. The show has been met with huge enthusiasm and delight from both audiences at Stonehurst Mountain Estate, as well as Tygerberg Hospital School. Audiences from these two completely different communities shrieked and laughed with joy and investment throughout the performances proving, with the bluntest honesty that only a child can have, that Bunny and the Magic Hat truly is a show for all kids and adults from all walks of life.


After the show, stay for a meet and greet with Bunny and the rest of the puppet cast! Kids and adults are welcome to have a close up look at the puppets and the travelling set, take photos and share the memory of this magical puppetry experience with friends and family.


For more information and snapshots of the show, please visit Facebook.


Don’t miss out on this school holiday fun! You can book your tickets by calling 021 788 1898, emailing or visiting Tickets for this world-class production cost just R80 per person.

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