Scene It: Sne Dladla is a one-man comedy rave in iChameleon at the Baxter

June 29, 2017


Sne Dladla ups the energy and mixes up the standard recipe for a one-man comedy show with his iChameleon, presented by Nik Rabinowitz and directed by Loukmaan Adams, onstage at the Baxter Theatre.


With iChameleon, Dladla proves that a one-man comedy show can have more than just a theme-linked sequence of skits. He brings to the stage a production that is not only funny, but conveys a clear sentiment and message from his youthful perspective.


The show brings with it a sense that Dladla is finding his niche in between his two worlds of actor and stand-up comic, with a good measure of musical talent in the mix too. It all makes for an intriguing new experience, as this is certainly not your traditional stand-up comedy show.


There is a honesty that rings through in his quips and jests, and it is the personal-perspective revelations behind the laughter that actually lingers long after the applause has died down. You walk out of iChameleon with insight into who Dlaldla is as a performer, as well as the different personas he dons on a daily basis.


Dladla unpacks some fears & misconceptions – nod to the presumed inspiration behind the set concept of stringed-up boxes. He shares reality as experienced by his generation, and links that to the sly social traps people so easily walk into when falling for mass media brainwash tricks. Moreover, if you have ever wondered what to do with Adidas aftershave and perfume, Dladla even has the answer for that too!


The show is about more than just bagging the laughs, as it is more of a production than purely just a stand-up show. It attempts to balance the hilarity and the entertainment of Dladla’s physical comedy antics with depth and emotion. Although every joke may then not be equally relatable to all, depending on age and personal experience, iChameleon as a whole definitely has the high energy funniness element firmly built into it and produces an array of giggles and laughs.


It is clear that Dladla understands the necessity of sharp comedic timing and great punchlines, but he also pairs that with the impact of catchy lyrics combined with solid toe-tapping, head-bopping tunes. He relies on the full range of his skill set, as he from the first beat sets his sights on capturing his audiences' attention, engagingly bringing his internal dialogue to the public stage.


Listening to him live loop and soundscape his show with his fabulous vocal abilities, one can’t but think that he is South Africa’s answer to American comedian and beatboxer, Michael Winslow. And Dladla has just the right degree of charming mischief in his demeanour and facial expressions to carry that crown.


iChameleon is perhaps not 100% your traditional one-man stand-up comedy show, but Dladla is also more than just another funny man, he is an artist. It is refreshing to see him, as one of the up-and-coming young talents in the industry, be brave enough to bring his own perspective, voice and style combination to the stage with iChameleon at the Baxter Theatre until 8 July 2017. Tickets available at Computicket.


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