Scene It: Blue Man Group, a technicolour, techno-theatre mime delight.

March 23, 2017

On opening night, audience reaction constantly shifted between absolute awe to laughter with abandon, with spouts of gleeful giggles in between. For three guys who don’t say a word, the facial expressions and body language of the Blue Man Group are amplified to a degree that would even have impressed Charlie Chaplin. It is hilarious physical theatre ala Smurfs on colourful steroids!


Brilliant comedic timing, combined with a great use of techno images – a touch of science thrown in for added effect – makes this show unique yet still relatable, with Solitaire ‘frustrations’, Twinkie treats and more. They also bring to the stage their now world famous paintball and marshmallow mouth catching tricks.

It is clear that these guys aren’t rookie performers, and this is not a show that was just created overnight and sent on tour. When you see it all come together onstage, it is clear that the guys behind this production's vision have years of experience and definitely know what they are doing. The initial Blue Man concept first stepped into the New York performing arts arena in the 1980’s, when the blue painted mime idea was created by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, and further developed through salon performances. In fact, they opened their first formal Blue Man Group show at the Astor Place Theatre in NY in 1991 already.


According to Chris Wink, they never dreamt a show that more than 25 years ago started out as centered around "this innocent, curious character called Blue Man" would lead them down this performance path... and all the way to South Africa! "We are so honoured to be able to share our show with the people of South Africa and beyond. We believe the Blue Man`s universal message of joyful exuberance and euphoric celebration resonates within all of us."

A colourful celebration this World Tour traveling version of their show, currently onstage at the Grand West Arena, undoubtedly is. It is utterly entertaining and the blue men constantly take you by surprise. Literally! We looked away to follow a giant floating ball one second, and upon turning back stared into a blue face right next to us in the audience! There is definitely a very high standard of physical theatre, improvisation and clowning skills that set the benchmark when casting calls go out for these blue characters.


With the fusion of comedic miming, explosive lighting, digital elements, and upbeat music, Blue Man Group floods the senses with its vibrant colour and expressive imagery. It is a peculiar kind of comical yet clever enchantment that you will find here, as these three guys, alongside there outrageously talented rock band, know how to turn their socially awkward audience interactions into something absolutely charming. Great fun for the entire family. Oh and they rock plumbing pipes like absolute rock stars! To see them perform contemporary songs with nothing but a few pipes and sticks is itself a feat worthy of a ticket purchase.


Catch the Big Concerts presented Blue Man Group at the Grand West Arena until 26 March 2017, with tickets available at Computicket.


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