Spotlight: Meet your Joseph SA Narrator, songstress Nádine

March 9, 2017

Pieter Toerien Productions present a newly imagined production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the smash-hit musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber, starring Earl Gregory as Joseph. With well-known hits ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and ‘Close Every Door to Me’, it is no surprise that this musical is returning to Theatre on the Bay, so that audiences can come join in the ‘Go Go Go Joseph’ musical delight until 8 April 2017.


In the first run in 2016, audiences saw Bianca le Grange in the role of The Narrator. This time around songstress Nádine steps into the shoes of The Narrator to guide you through the tale of Joseph and his brother. As Cape Town is a musical theatre loving city, a Spotlight interview with Nádine was simply a must to see if she loves musicals as much as the rest of the Mother City. And the verdict is in, she does! Her passion clearly reflects in this lovely interview where she shares her Joseph SA thoughts and more:


What does theatre as a lifestyle mean to you?

It requires discipline, structure and routine which are elements not easily found in the pop industry. And I love it! 


When did you know you wanted to become a performer? 

I've always loved performing in front of people. When you start living that passion from a young age, it is always a part of you. From childhood I've always felt true joy when performing in front of people and today I regard myself very fortunate to be able to pursue this as a career.


Is there someone who inspired and encouraged your career as a performer from the beginning?

Music has always been a part of my life, as my mom’s side of the family has always been singing and making music. My mom has always encouraged me to pursue the dream of being a singer and performer. Various successful and talented artists throughout the world have also influenced me to be the artist that I am today.


This is not your first time on a local musical stage. How does the musical theatre experience compare to your recording artist work?

It's a completely different field/genre to work in. As a performing pop artist, I have the responsibility of remaining true to myself as a creative singer/songwriter, whereas in the field of being on stage as a musical theatre actress/singer, I tell the story someone else wrote. Both of these platforms are stimulating and wonderful in different ways. 


The Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice hit Jesus Christ Superstar was your first musical experience in 2011 and also a Pieter Toerien presented production. Which is your favourite Andrew Lloyd Weber musical?

I really do love the show I'm currently performing in now, Joseph, as it is colourful and an energy filled production, which lifts you up and makes you want to tell the story. It's a story of forgiveness and a family that reunites.


What made you return to the musical stage after your first taste in 2011?

I have done two musical theatre stage productions, both being Afrikaans, since. Last year I was Snow White in the Afrikaans pantomime Sneeuwytjie, and I've been hoping and wanting to work with the Pieter Toerien Productions company again, which is why I was overjoyed when they asked to be part of Joseph.


How do you prepare for a role like The Narrator in Joseph, where you need to carry the story with a true presence without really being part of the story?

I try, first of all, to stay true to the essence of the story. It's very important to me to tell the story in true Nádine style and therefore I rely very much on the resident director, Darren Greeff, to keep me on track with remaining truthful to the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice production. 


Which part of the musical Joseph is your favourite and why? 

I love the opening of Act 2, where I sing Pharaoh's Story, as well as The Brothers Come to Grovel, which gives me goosebumps every night. 


Apart from The Narrator, do you have a favourite Joseph character?

I love Joseph. He has emotional intelligence and understanding which is very charming and beautiful. 


Why do you think Joseph is such a hit with Cape Town audiences? 

It is a traditional story told in a very creative and fresh way. 


What about Joseph makes it a timeless hit that can be so easily reimagined?

It's a story about betrayal, heartache, suffering, triumph and forgiveness, which is relatable to all of us.


What is your dream musical theatre role?

Belle in Beauty & the Beast - I love fairytale stories and I believe in love. 


The enthusiasm Nádine has for theatre in general, and this staging of Joseph specifically, truly shines through in her performance as The Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Theatre on the Bay. She beautifully interprets her role and treats every note with musical loving respect, as one would expect from a true artist! It is worth buying your tickets at Computicket to just see her perform. Go, go, go experience this colourful musical tale, with toe-tapping songs and a Elvis Presley loving Pharaoh for added swag, before run ends 8 April 2017.  

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