Scene It: MJ HIStory, where concert and theatre vibes meet

January 25, 2017

So you have always wanted to see Michael Jackson live, or you simply long to relive the glory of the legend’s past performances, but alas without the King of Pop where to turn? Well, to the Michael Jackson HIStory Show, currently dazzling audiences at the Artscape Opera House until 29 January 2017. It is as close to the real deal as you will ever get.


Dantanio Goodman, who takes on the huge task of impersonating Michael Jackson in this spectacular tribute, has been training his whole life (literally since the age of 9) to do the memory of MJ justice, and he does just that. He has the persona of the King of Pop down to the last detail… even his mannerisms and vocal tone will have you fooled that you are seeing MJ walk out onto the Artscape Opera House stage.


When it comes to the range of songs performed, the fan favourites are definitely all there (Billie Jean, Thriller, Bad, Ben, Smooth Criminal, Heal the World, Black & White, The Way You Make Me Feel and so much more), with all the theatrical bells and whistles, or rather more accurately smoke, lights and smooth moves… oh those moves! Specifically, the staging of Thriller shows off not only the performance legacy of Michael Jackson in a very visually pleasing manner, but also beautifully showcases the versatility of the Artscape Opera House stage, which made my theatre loving heart happily skip a beat.  


As a complete package, the Michael Jackson HIStory Show is super sleek. The high energy level that runs from beginning to end creates a concert like atmosphere that sees audience members get up and just dance and sing along, even during interval. This show is for fans of all ages and fanatical degrees, from the “I love his music” to the “I love you Michael!” ones. The kindness Dantanio shows the audience, especially the latter group of fans, shows that he is a true performer that not only respects the art, but also the artists he is paying tribute too. There was a moment when his interaction with a young lady (in full glove and glitter jacket gear) honestly brought tears to my eyes… especially seeing that just one hug from 'Michael' had her literally moon-walking all along the front row with the greatest expression of glee on her face. Seeing that dream come true was pure magic!


Experience a bit of that magic for yourself, go live your version of the Michael Jackson dream too, and book your tickets at Computicket to see Kimberly born Dantanio and the rest of the talented cast bring the Michael Jackson HIStory Show to the Artscape Theatre. You only have until 29 January 2017 though, so don't delay!



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