Scene It: Sherlock Holmes at his best at Theatre on the Bay

January 24, 2017

The game is afoot at Theatre on the Bay with Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Queen’s Diamond until 28 January 2017!


A witty, fast-paced theatre experience that takes you on a most hilarious adventure, filled with mystery, intrigue and misperception.


From dancing with royalty to unexpected travel escapades, there is definitely never a dull moment in this whodunit play, with the three actors not only playing Sherlock Holmes (Robert Fridjhon), Dr Watson (Craig Jackson), and Mrs Hudson (Bronwyn Gottwald) respectively, but also an array of other characters including Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade, Prof Moriarty, Irene Adler and even Queen Victoria.


I was laughing so much I was literally wiping away tears in between fits of giggles as the Sherlock shenanigans unfolded on stage. Initially I did attempt to solve the mystery, but very quickly totally succumbed to the hilarity of it all as I realised only Holmes was up to the task. So my tip, merely allow yourself to be delighted and surprised, leave the cunning thinking to the detective.


The storyline truly is airtight, and full of twists and turns in true Conan Doyle fashion. I'm pretty sure as the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, he would have given this script by playwright Robert Fridjhon (assisted by Bronwyn Gottwald) his stamp of approval. It is a masterpiece of logical confusion and I would pay to own it as part of my theatre collection.

Apart from the literally appeal of the script, the acting itself is also top notch. While Fridjhon becomes Holmes in the most fashionable of appropriately condescending ways, special mention must simply be made of Gottwald’s talent when it comes to skipping between characters and accents as if it is the most natural thing in the world and not dropping an act once. Brilliant! Also Jackson as Watson does confused fabulously and better than I have seen in a very long time, totally Watson in the best of ways. Seeing this untold tale brought to stage by actors of this calibre will leave you thoroughly entertained and in stitches from beginning to end.


You will honestly kick yourself if you don’t grab the opportunity to see this trio, under the direction of Alan Swerdlow, 'tell' the British Crown, Court and Lords how they solved a mystery that best be kept secret. So go get the inside scoop and book your tickets at Computicket, before Holmes runs off to go solve another mystery! You definitely don't want to be the only one left asking 'What the Holmes?' when the run ends 28 January 2017.


Oh and while you are there, you simply have to try out the new Side Dish Bistro (in house restaurant) menu. It is deliciously divine! For only R410 (dinner package booking also via Computicket) you can see the show and have a three course meal. There is a great selection of starters, mains and desserts, but these were my scrumptious foodie choices on the evening, and I don’t regret one kilojoule for a single second:




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