Scene It: Sassy Violet is waiting for you at Alexander Upstairs

December 19, 2016

I have never been brave enough to venture out into the online dating world (honestly it scares the traditionalist in me), but I plucked up some courage to go see Love Me Tinder - Violet Online Rebooted to find out what the fuss is all about. Did Violet confirm that my fears are legit? Yes, but she did so in a very fun and entertaining way.


Based on the witty blog posts of Violet Online, Violet (Lynita Crofford) shares her swiping right and swiping left adventures, and all the laugh-a-minute online dating confusion in between too.


The very confident and single Violet, tells you all about her sassy Tinder escapades, sexy neighbours, mandatory gal pal cappuccino debriefs, as well as the sometimes needed online detox sessions. She does this all in an effort to find out whether it is possible to meet your perfect match via app.


The show is a fun conversation that reveals much that you secretly hope is not real but nevertheless makes you giggle nervously and with a certain degree of delight. After the show I cautiously asked director Megan Furniss whether the Tinder profiles they used in the show were in fact real, and indeed she confirmed the weirdness of reality they reflected. My conclusion, it is genuinely scary what lengths some people will go to get “seen” in the swipe war. But entertaining that revelation was indeed!


After my “chat” with Violet I am now more convince than ever that when it comes to dating I am a bit of a traditionalist (profiles scare me), but I do have a new found admiration for the normal and clearly very brave Violets out there who swipe their way past the weird ones (and there are many of those) to meet kindred spirits.


Go find out more at Alexander Upstairs where Violet confidently shares her online dating experiences with great spunk, as well as her very informative rules for dating in the time of Tinder. She will be lounging there on her comfy couch until 24 December 2016. Book online!



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