Scene It: FORTYfied, recollections of a ‘visiting’ dad

December 19, 2016

Laughter is always welcome, and personally I think people underestimate the theatrical value of a comedy show. It isn’t just pitch up and perform, there is an actual well thought out angle to every show. So seeing so many new stand up shows onstage in theatres all around Cape Town is a great treat for me. One such a new show is Nik Rabinowitz’s FORTYfied currently onstage at the Baxter Theatre, directed by Brent Palmer.


2016 has seen me become a bit of a Yaaseen Barnes admirer. As opening act to Rabinowitz he was well received. As a big supporter of any form of intelligent comedy with substance, I find his dry sense of humour approach to jesting ingenious. His jokes are definitely more than just a cheap laugh. I look forward to seeing him develop his style and perspective even further.


Rabinowitz took to the stage with great audience anticipation and applause. His show is a balance between familiar jokes rebooted and some new takes on life and politics. All around it made for a very enjoyable evening of destressing laughter, a great anecdote to a crazy year.


Amidst the frequent giggles and glee, only two things didn't really gel for me in the grander scheme of the show. For me personally, more often than not Rabinowitz went a bit too far and crass to get a laugh. He is a witty, smart comedian, and he doesn’t have to go that route to prompt a response. I also went into the show expecting more of a (mid)life crisis angle as the show is billed as built around the fact that he turned 40 but is confused about the justifiability of a midlife crisis seeing as 40 is the new 30. So I expected a more ‘to crisis or not to crisis’ comedy stance. In the end it felt more like a comedic reflection on his family life (from the perspective of his kids and wife, as well as tales of his mom, dad and childhood friends), which is funny but doesn’t really shout personal conundrum. It is more a recollection than an introspection. That aside, I like his comedy style when he brings it ‘home’ so to speak; it gives an authentic feel to his performances. In this instance I merely walked in expecting something a bit more existentially edgy because of the title of the show. Regardless of my confusion, he still bagged the laughs on the night.


Nik Rabinowitz fans will definitely find the quintessential Nik edge they associate with his shows in this one too, with a view on everything from politics to being a ‘visiting’ dad. Go for the giggles! Book your tickets at Computicket to catch FORTYfied at the Baxter Theatre before run ends 14 January 2017.




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