Scene It: Escape the 2016 madness with Alan Committie in Laughing Matters

2016 may not be a memorable year. In fact it probably is the year that never should have been. But for one great theatre night out you can escape the madness with Alan Committie in Laughing Matters at Theatre on the Bay.


Alan Committie and his safaripak wearing sidekick Johan van der Walt are back with a run-into-the-walls escapism bang. With Laughing Matters they bring you more than a comedy show. This is a social intervention!


2016 is definitely the year everyone wants to forget, so Alan and Johan step up the funny to help you cope with the madness that was and could possibly (but they hope won’t) still be. From water wise tips and healthy living shock therapy, straight through to politics, you will definitely find it not only hilarious but totally relatable. Alan even sings for you in a very Martha Stewart inspired way. Now that is a treat!

This show is a side-splitting exchange and as always Alan engages his audiences in very surprising ways. He speaks his 2016 mind in the best way possible, through the medium of comedy. When you laugh at the trials, tribulations and other things “T” associated, it just puts life into perspective. You walk out of the show feeling lighter and happier about the world, having seen the madness for what it is, a laughing matter.


In fact we are pretty sure you can go see the show more than once and Alan will have a new observation or two hidden in between his other gems. We were laughing from the first line straight through to the standing ovation, and will definitely be back for some more comedy therapy.


The set design itself is also applause worthy. It very smartly compliments the focus of the show in both a practical and aesthetically pleasing manner. In fact, on the night an audience member gave the set a standing ovation even before the show started. Honestly that’s how eye catching it is, and that is no alternative reality, post-truth lie.


Oh, and not to forget the twist. Yes, an actual twist, no jokes… well apart from the ones in the show. We are talking College of Magic approved twist stuff in the style we have come to expect of Alan as everyone’s favourite red leotard wearing comedian. He truly knows how to escape 2016 in more than one impressive way.


So what we are actually saying is go book your Laughing Matters tickets today at Computicket. This witty and entertaining one man show is the giggle infused hilarity treatment for everything associated with the infamous disaster also known as 2016. You need it in your life before the run ends 14 January 2017! Plus, you don’t want to be that one lone Capetonian who doesn’t know what the buzz is all about. Laughing Matters, starring Alan Committie and directed by Christopher Weare, will definitely have everyone talking this holiday.



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