Scene It: Wicked 'Silly Cow' very entertaining

October 25, 2016

There is a “nasty cow who slaughters the sacred cow” onstage at the Masque Theatre in Ben Elton’s Silly Cow.


This production takes a comical look at gutter-journalism. You are introduced to the bitchy queen of the tabloid press, Doris Wallace, as she shares her glee in taking down actors and ruining reputations, all in an effort to make herself rich and famous. But how long before  some 'crazy' actor takes revenge? Can a silly cow suing her for defamation be her downfall?


The dialogue is witty and witchy and at stages you will perhaps choke a bit as your laugh turns into a gasp in reaction to the uncensored utterances of the characters. Though crude at times, this element is cleverly incorporated to aid rather than detract from this exaggerate farce envisioned by Elton.


There is nothing subtle about this production. It throws everything including the kitchen sink at the audience with a more-is-more approach… from the impressively detailed (and very pink) set design to the no-holds barred commitment of the performers.


Kim R2 does great justice to the vivaciously vicious tongue of her character, celebrity columnist Doris. If you are a fan of the character Karen Walker of the TV Series Will & Grace, you will absolutely squeal with delight at the absurdities of the opinions Doris dishes up.


Although, the cast as a whole is to be applauded for a great collective performance, for me personally, Santie Du Toit as the ‘assistant’ Peggy and Justin Wyatt-Smith as the toy-boy Eduardo really impressed.


Book online or email, and get yourself to the Masque Theatre by 29 October 2016 for a thoroughly enjoyable night of theatre in Silly Cow.




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