Scene It: Fresh dance antics courtesy of Big Boys the Third

October 5, 2016

On the media night of Big Boys the Third, Theatre Scene assembled some fabulously enthusiastic tweeters to experience this dance comedy from a tweet seat bird’s-eye perspective. It was an easy-going fun night out, with laughter and squeals of delight abound.


In this third Big Boys installment of a show that can undoubtedly claim cult status, the brothers Ash and Brad find themselves in the hospital waiting room as one of them is about to become a father… *gasp* yes you read that correctly! The dancing duo is about to welcome another little dancer into the family and they have his/her tap shoes ready. And so they stand in front of the audience, one as uncle and one as dad, but which is which? That, you will have to go find out for yourselves, as you settle into your comfy Kalk Bay Theatre seat to see the boys again dance their way through life (flashbacks and all) and the obstacles it inevitably throws at them.


And just to prove what a no thrills, hilarious delight this show is, here are snippets of what the tweeters on the night had to say about #bigboysthe3rd:


“Deliciously fun night out… Next level digital interaction at Kalk Bay Theatre with #bigboysthe3rd!”
Shihaam Domingo


“Scandals and sweating, such fun. ‘Go ahead, that’s not permission that’s a dare!’ Crazy one liners that leave you in stitches.”
Shannyn Fourie


“In need of practical parenting tips? These guys have you covered. (Breast Milk is not for tea.) Let the #bigboysthe3rd Uptown Funk you up with their crazy moves and the world will make sense again...”
Maria Vos


“Save the Caesar, have a Bieber… my favourite line!”
Bea Liebenberg


“Brad totally gets the social media generation. The variety of dance styles performed in #bigboysthe3rd is quite something… Breaking the fourth wall changes the whole dynamic!”
Georgia Lahusen


So don’t miss this hot new chapter in the ‘Big Boys’ saga. As always, the brothers Searle bring their unique style of fresh innovative dance routines! Perfect for a fun night out after a hard day of adulting. No thinking required, it is easy going, sit-back-and-relax entertainment. The show is selling out fast though, so don’t delay, get booking online at to see experience the Big Boys the Third antics for yourself by 15 October 2016!


PS. A special thank you to Deetlefs Wine who sponsored a lovely selection of wine for the tweeters to sample while they nibbled away at the delicious selection of foodie treats provided by the Kalk Bay Theatre Restaurant on the night. It all made for a great theatre night out treat.



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