#CTFringe: Honest & powerful Ubuze Bam

October 1, 2016

The Theatre Arts Admin Collective​ presented play Ubuze Bam (meaning 'my nakedness') is what powerful thought-provoking theatre should be... a real, honest, gritty, spine-chilling, heart-breaking, soul-baring redemption piece. It is powerful, it is exceptional, it is a must see!


This is not your average theatre experience. It is a journey of healing and self-discovery presented from the perspective of four young men who through their gang-related associations were led astray and forced to face the consequences of their actions in prison. Although it presents four unique perspectives, all still form part of one coherent whole, a message of change cloaked in deep honesty. This is theatre that cuts to the bone.


The four performers (Bongani Dyalivana, Eric Menyo, Lazola Sikhutshwa and Ntsika Tiyalana) leave heart and soul on the stage floor as they act out their truth in a most captivating manner. As I witnessed this amazing power-of-theatre offering, I was left totally in awe of the four ex-offenders turned rehabilitated talented actors who took to the stage under guidance of the award-winning director Thando Doni. To bring such brilliance to light out of the darkness of rage and regret is a beautiful theatre feat.


The redemption infused play, Ubuze Bam, is a stand-out Cape Town Fringe​ offering. You should book soonest to see it. Grab your tickets online at www.capetownfringe.co.za.



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