#CTFringe: Deliciously Deranged Dangled

October 1, 2016

What happens when two award-winning creative minds get together to make theatre happen? Boundaries of reality shift and theatre as you know it changes for ever once you witness such talents collide. One such a theatrical-shift moment definitely occurred when Louis Viljoen and Rob Van Vuuren joined forces to gift the world the skewed darkness of Dangled.


When Viljoen dons his writer's cap, you know something unique will flow from his pen. This time around he has taken 'Diary of a Madman', a short story by Russian author Nikolai Gogol, and given it a fresh twisted psychosexual horror spin that truly messes with your mind from beginning to end. The text is rivetingly disturbed. So who better than Van Vuuren, the man who arguably has the potential to morph into any given character, to portray the mind of a madman that leaves audiences first amused and intrigued, and then terrified?! Through their combined creative forces, audiences are treated to the deliciously deranged Dangled.


So what can you expect from this one man play that explores the themes of sexual violence and realism? A table, a chair, and a disturbed man with dark flair. It takes crazy to a whole new level. It is a dark 'comedy', well kind off, until the reality of the insanity degree of the disturbed stalker on show hits you... a framed snapshot of an obsessed psychopath.


Dangled is equal parts troubling and terrific. This award-winning play is a must for your Cape Town Fringe experience. Book online at www.capetownfringe.co.za.




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