Scene It: Swan Lake On Ice, Absolutely Spellbinding!

January 18, 2016

Fire, ice and all things so much more than nice, is what you will find when you head over to the Artscape Theatre to see the Pieter Toerien presented ‘Swan Lake on Ice’, starring The Imperial Ice Stars.


This star-studded company has taken the classical ballet ‘Swan Lake’ and re-envisioned it as a most spectacular ice-skating feast for the eyes. Apart from the amazing feats one would expect from a cast with 250 competition medals between then – showcasing moves that have never before been attempted, not even at the Sochi 2014 Olympics – you will also see fire dancers, aerial silk artists, and a ballet move or two.


‘Swan Lake on Ice’ is a truly magical experience, which will awaken the inner child of even the most mature adults, as they gasp and cheer, admiring every dramatic twist, turn and jump. Men will leave believing they are princes, and women will rush to purchase their tiaras, because how can you not believe in fairy tales after seeing such a whimsical show.

On opening night, everyone was buzzing about how Bogdan Berezenko, as the Prince, made every move he made look absolutely effortless. As everyone knows, if something looks easy, it most definitely isn’t! Although he matched Olga Sharutenko’s Odette perfectly as they gracefully glided over the ice, it is Yahor Maistrou, as the villainess Baron Von Rothbart, which caught my attention.


There is something very appealing about a man with such an amazing presence that he literally sets the ice on fire. Thinking back, the most memorable scene that jumps to my dark side inclined mind, is in Act Two, where Odette confronts Rothbart. The mix of drama, skill and emotion, as they challenged each other move for move on the ice, was riveting! Artistic Director and Choreographer, Tony Mercer, definitely knows how to present a story to get maximum entertainment effect.


On a personal note, I always have a great #ProudlySouthAfrican moment when Fiona Kirk takes the ice, especially when she does her breath-taking aerial silk act, along with her fiancé Volodymyr Khodakivskyy. It is unquestionable, she has made her mark as a performer in the most wonderful fashion. We can definitely be proud of her!


With an amazing troupe of internationally renowned ice-dancers, and a beautiful tale of love and hope, all set to the music of Tchaikovsky, what more can you want as a reason to get yourself to the Artscape Opera House? Maybe 14 tonnes of ice to help fight the heatwave? Done!


Now go book your tickets at Computicket to see the spellbinding ‘Swan Lake On Ice’ before the ice melts on 31 January 2016.


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