#CTFringe: Police Cops, brilliantly cliché in the best way!

September 27, 2016

The Pretend Men are in Cape Town and I wish they would stay, but alas they are only here until 2 October to entertain you with their award-winning theatre shenanigans in Police Cops.


This comedy piece is absolute theatre flair come to the CT Fringe stage. It is slick, quirky, features three great talents (Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, Tom Roe) and has a soundtrack that will have anyone who grew up in the 70s and 80s cry with delight! The only way I can think to describe it is Colombo meets 21 Jump Street, with a dash of Supernatural on the side. That will all make sense when you see it, so go see it already!


It is one of my CT Fringe stand-out shows so far. I loved every moment of this adrenaline fuelled physical theatre gem. The boys and their cinematic style definitely pack a punch for their SA debut. Although all three the 'cops' are phenomenal, Nathan Parkinson delivers a stand-out performance.


My prediction is that Police Cops will be a festival favourite, so you best get booking at www.capetownfringe.co.za to avoid sell-out disappointment. And seeing as they have had three sell-out runs at Soho Theatre (West End, London), that trend is very likely to repeat itself here again.


Police Cops is brilliantly cliché in the best way and OTT hilarious. I am definitely going to try and see it again.


When: 22 Sep – 2 Oct

Where: City Hall 3

Tickets: R70

Booking: Online



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