#CTFringe: Do you Eat, Post, Love your selfie?

September 27, 2016

“We are not pretentious, we are happy”… at least that is what our social media timelines say.


Eat, Post, Love is a witty commentary on social media and the generation that embraces it. It follows the ‘interactions’ of Joe with his friend Sam and his online skype shrink. It places the Instagram flash on the dress-up games we play online, the personas we create for ourselves instead of loving our selfie, and the lies we try and turn into reality (or at least a skewed version thereof) by perceiving life through our latest app filter.


This production holds up the front facing camera to society in a very uniquely theatrical and entertaining manner. Audiences walk out proclaiming “oh that is so me!”, "how did they know?" or “everyone does that!” It is probably the most relatable production at the CT Fringe Fest this year. Everyone will be able to see a part of themselves in a little bit of Joe.


In the end, the question that lingers as you leave City Hall 2 is what you allow social media to be for you: a motivational guru, evil enabler or life avoidance crutch?


Go see this poignant reflection of our social media society in the amusingly jaded comedy Eat, Post, Love, starring Jaco Nothnagel as the life avoiding Joe. Written by Nothnagel, directed by Philip Rademeyer, this show will appeal to everyone who owns a phone.


When: 23 – 30 September

Where: City Hall 2

Tickets: R50

Booking: Online





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