#CTFringe: Niqabi Ninja, a true superheroine story

September 22, 2016

Niqabi Ninja, superbly brought to stage by the talented Bianca Flanders and Loren Loubser, under the brilliant direction of Megan Furniss, is a powerful knock-out play. A great way to start your CT Fringe 2016 experience. Although only a 45 minute performance, this play (penned by Sara Shaarawi), reveals great depth and emotional layers from the very first line. It delivers exactly what it is billed as, "a hard hitting, relevant and important political work".


It is a powerful piece, exploring the "circle of hell" and the subtle nuances of the everyday echoes thereof as forms of sexual terrorism.


Following the journey of an avenging superheroine through the streets of Cairo, it is an eye-opener that everyone should see, exposing the 'harmless flattery' that women get exposed to by just daring to venture out into the world. It places the spotlight on the reality that society has become so complacent when it comes to issues of sexual harassment that women have been indoctrinated to walk faster, avoid eye contact, or even grin-and-bear the smile that hides the fear and discomfort of unwanted attention. Niqabi Ninja reveals that respect (at least for women) has become a privilege instead of a right. However, the superheroine in this amazing play has decided enough is enough and it is time to reclaim respect as a right. Those who don't play by the rules will wear the mark of their actions...


What is truly inspirational about this piece is that, although it does acknowledge the victimisation of women, it does not linger on that which would leave them victims. What Niqabi Ninja rather does is move beyond the victimisation to reveal the inner strength and survival instinct of women, their warrior cry as survivors! It is a must see for everyone: Women should take courage from it, and men should learn from it. The dialogue of Niqabi Ninja will linger long after you have left the fringe venue.


A powerful, thought-provoking play. The complexly 'beautiful', delicate manner in which it presents the revelation and exploration of empowerment is sheer brilliance! Don't dare miss this supernova of a theatre experience.


When: 22 - 26 September

Where: City Hall 3

Tickets: R60

Age Restriction: 13+ L

Booking: Online



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