Spotlight: The Big Boys are back in town!

August 21, 2016

The Follow Spot Productions presented Big Boys saga, starring real life brothers Ash and Brad Searle, is a feel-good, energetic and refreshing theatre phenomenon. The multi-award winning Big Boys are back in Cape Town with more fun, laughter and of course dance moves that will make you want to storm the stage and form a flash mob!


When the boys started their adventure with Big Boys Don’t Dance, it became the fastest selling show at the NAF in 2011. The show introduced us to the brothers Ash and Brad at Ash’ bachelor party. They were plunged into one disaster after another, as only these boys can manage to find themselves in more often than not. The focus of the story therefore being the hilarious journey they take to try and redeem themselves. Under all this pressure, they ultimately succeed in their endeavours and prove that real men dance... and after seeing them on stage, everyone agreed they should never stop dancing!  

And then audiences simply had to know more. Did life dance circles around the boys? Where did the rhythm and the beat take them? Well, after Ash’ bachelor party he woke up to realise a stripper stole his car... actually his father-in-law-to-be’s luxury car!


So in Big Boys II, Brad ‘luckily’ steps in with a plan to enter them into a reality dance competition. It seems ludicrous but it works! They buy a new car, smash that one too, miss Ash’s wedding with 16 hours and find a note that his bride Vanessa has left. With his great ‘man code’ skills, Brad deciphers the note as a clue that they need to catch a plane to go find her in London. In following Brad's code readings they are caught up in a 60 plus hour trip of cheap flights, crazy trains and hilarious dance-inducing scenarios, all taking them back to SA, where Vanessa was (still) waiting… because she never left.

All that excitement left audiences shouting ‘What next?!’


... Do they dance into a happily ever after? What adventures await Ash and Brad? Does Brad have another plan someone should warn Ash about?

Now all the wait and wondering is finally over, with the hottest new chapter of the trilogy, Big Boys The Third, opening at Kalk Bay Theatre this September. Chaos seems to follow the boys wherever they go, all the way to the maternity ward to be precise! How on earth do they dance in a maternity ward? One thing is for certain, with these two this will not be a stereotypical 'dad comedy', but no spoilers! You'll have to go see that for yourself.


All that can be revealed is that it’s fun, it's wild, it’s unbelievable and it’s hilarious. The Boys promise fresh innovative dance routines and larger-than-life action performed in their much loved irresistible and comical award winning bro-style. Ash and Brad Searle are so fantastic, you’ll definitely be back to see it again and again!


Bookings are already open online at to experience this not to be missed Big Boys The Third from 20 September to 15 October.



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