Scene It: Slava's Snowshow is more than wonderful, it is SPECTACULAR!

August 21, 2016

Want to know what true theatre magic looks like? It materialised at the Artscape Theatre in the form of a yellow-dressed clown with oversized red shoes, shuffling across the Opera House stage when Slava's Snowshow took Cape Town by creative storm on 17 August 2016. Billed as “a universal and timeless theatrical poetic spectacle”, it does not disappoint. It delivers exactly what it promises, if not more. It is more than wonderful, it is SPECTACULAR! A true magical playground for your dreams.

As a bitter-sweet clowning extravaganza it both enchants and empowers. The performers act out their emotions with precise, powerful gestures, aided by exquisitely timed music and lighting effects, that all gradually build up to a breathtaking finale. It reinforces the theatrical vision and power traditionally associated with clowning, as it eliminates age gaps and creates a special moment of escapism for young and old. You will find yourself utterly immersed in the lives of clowns, even a quacking shark (a personal favourite), and spontaneously interacting with them without fear or reservation. This show is a beautiful invitation to trust your inner child again.


I don’t want to spoil the first-hand experience, so no spoilers I promise, but it must be said that the way the show includes the audience in the actual performance is nothing short of spectacular, especially the scene just before interval. Once you have taken your Slava’s Snowshow seat, you will know exactly what I mean with the statement, “it covers you with a web of excitement”, you can’t but smile! Bea Liebenberg described the experience beautifully:


“Slava’s Snowshow, the family-friendly, critically-acclaimed clown show, is a brilliant visual work of art which allows you to let your imagination run WILD.  It cleverly combines physical theatre, comedy, mime and brilliant music which my little girl summarised in one word: FUN!”


And it is just that Fun! Fun for the whole family. It is everything that clowning should be: tragic, beautiful, dramatic, comedic and above all inspirational.


Thank you Mr “Slava” Polunin for using your masterful knowledge of the art of pantomime, and producing exactly what you promised, “[a] show which would help spectators be released from the jail of adulthood and rediscover their forgotten childhood”.


Go giggle with delight and allow yourself to be a child again, even if just for an hour or two. Slava’s Snowhow is a wonderland brought to stage. Catch it at the Artscape Theatre before the magic fades on 27 August 2016. Tickets available at Computicket. Please note that Slava’s Snowshow is not generally recommended for kids younger than the age of 8.



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