Press: Dancers Love Dogs for Artscape in aid of mass sterilisation - two feet for four!

August 15, 2016

Four years ago dance teacher Brigette Reeve-Taylor spotted an emaciated puppy running along a highway. She followed the animal into a nearby township, and with the help of members of the community, rescued him. While searching for the animal the group noticed how many homeless street dogs there were, some in urgent need of veterinary attention. The idea for mass sterilization as a means to helping curb a growing problem was born out of the experience, and Dancers Love Dogs (DLD) came about soon afterwards.


Since 2012, DLD has raised 1.3 million for the sterilization of 7500 dogs primarily. Cats, pigs, rabbits and even donkeys have benefited from DLD’s support. Sterilization curbs the population of unwanted animals, freeing resources for the existing animals in need.


Reeve-Taylor has trained aspiring dancers for over 30 years and thinks with her feet. Many dancers identify with her passion and each year many of them volunteer their time and talent for the highly anticipated performance held annually at the Artscape Opera House.


This year comedian Alan Committie will be the Master of Ceremonies and an eclectic mix of ballet, hip-hop, Irish, tap and modern dance awaits the audience.  Companies that feature on the dazzling programme include Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB), and Cape Junior Ballet and hip hop dancer Rudi Smit. CTCB ballerina and dog lover Laura Bosenberg has been appointed as Dancers Love Dogs honorary ambassador.


As a voluntary group with limited resources, Dancers Love Dogs relies heavily on one single night to raise funds every year. The price of one ticket, R250, is enough to sterilize one dog and prevent future generations of homeless animals.

Dancers Love Dogs 2016 is at the Artscape Opera House on Tuesday 6th September at 7:30pm. Tickets cost R250 via Computicket and 0214217695.

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