Scene It: Camp Carrawak makes your heart smile, your toes tap and your soul giggle with delight!

August 11, 2016

Camp Carrawak, currently on stage at Kalk Bay Theatre, is a real theatre treat. It makes your heart smile, your toes tap and your soul giggle with delight!


As I sat down around the campfire with Butch (Alex Tops) and Cassidy (Lucy Tops) at their Camp Carrawak, it was clear that this was going to be a great theatre night out. How could it not be with two such great professionals galloping onto the stage in a style that would make Lucky Luke wish he had their swagger? An involuntary grin formed on my face and grew into an outright, knee-slapping, laugh soon after, and that feeling lingered all the way through show, even long after the final YEAH-HAAAAAAAA !


Camp Carrawak has an inviting ambiance; you sit down and you soak up truly amusing or interesting anecdotes that make you feel nostalgic for slow-sunny days past, while also putting a motivational go-get-life spring in your step. It is brilliantly scripted with the feel of a classy nod to pantomimes… it has the cuteness and jokes that will make any kidlet’s imagination take flight, but also brings with it the subtle nuances and suggestive comedy notes that will make the adults chortle and chuckle too! Family friendly theatre indeed.

I think theatre friend Bea Liebenberg summarises the whole Camp Carrawak experience best:


“Chemistry was tangible on stage at the Kalkbay Theatre when the dynamic due Alex and Lucy Tops joined forces in the original comedy country cabaret ‘Camp Carrawak’.  From the first ‘Howdy’ the audience was captivated by the country themed production filled with lots of laughter, song & dance with a witty dialogue that received a standing ovation by the audience. A guaranteed ‘toe-tappin’ experience that will make you reach for your cowboy boots for many days to come!”


Although it’s not a sing-along show per se, when you are not in stitches at the antics of Butch, you almost have to restrain yourself to not form an impromptu audience of back-up singers for the amazing songstress Cassidy, as she and her Butch lead you through memory-laced songs, doing great justice to original artists such as Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Kacey Musgraves and more.


I walked out feeling lighter, brighter and just ready to take the rodeo bull by the horns in this thing called life, because for such a quirky comedy, Camp Carrawak actually has a real message: Make the best of every moment, because you only have one life to live!


A fun, country inspired, comedy music show with depth, now that’s something truly special.


So put on your best denims and boots yawl and mosey on over to Kalk Bay Theatre to go say howdy to Butch and Cassidy at Camp Carrawak before they saddle up their horses and move on out on 27 August 2016.




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