Spotlight: Much anticipated "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" at Theatre on the Bay

July 18, 2016

The much anticipated “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” (ILYYPNC), presented by VRG Theatrical, opens Wednesday, 20 July 2016, at Theatre on the Bay. Naturally, I had to go find out what the theatre loving people of Cape Town can expect. So, I sat down to have a cosmopolitan and a chat with the G in VRG, Niall Griffin, and asked him why people should already have their tickets in hand.


This comedy musical, with book and lyrics by Joe DiPietro and music by Jimmy Roberts, is the second-longest running Off Broadway musical and a favourite of musical lovers around the world (*she types humming along to the soundtrack*), and definitely a crowd pleaser. As a show about all things love and relationship that deals with everything from “dating and waiting to love and marriage” and all the (traumatic) moments in between, ILYYPNC is possibly the most relatable musical to have ever been staged.


Usually ILYYPNC is presented with strong comedians who can hold a tune but aren’t vocally the best, or amazing vocalists that can be funny but aren’t really comedians, and even in those circumstances ILYYPNC is a must-see musical. However, in this latest staging of this hit, audiences will be treated to the talent of “four true triple threats, who are unbelievable vocalists, unbelievably funny and brilliant actors too”. With their exceptional talent, they bring both depth and heart to the hilarity of it all.


Niall describes the antics you will see on stage – courtesy of Taryn-Lee Hudson, Neels Clasen, Claire Taylor, and Brandon Lindsay – as the result of allowing them to play to their performance strengths in the theatre version of a “jungle gym” while they got to know their more than 52 different collective characters... kind of like speed dating theatre rehearsal style it sounded to me. Fun, but daunting! Enter director Elizma Badenhorst and musical director Wessel Odendaal to fine-tune their quirky, crazy, loveable and everything-in-between type character interpretations and et viola they created something truly VRG magical, unique, but still very authentic ILYYPNC.

Add to that the fact that they will all be wearing original wigs made by Australian wig maker Dion Marc, and bring their numerous characters to life in a setting and context that Niall vividly describes as “adorable, very sweet and visually pleasing”, how have you not bought your tickets yet? Personally I would have already stopped reading and done just that, but ok let me tell you some more!


Now absolutely ecstatic that I get to see this gem of a show this week already, I sipped further on my cosmopolitan and eagerly listened to co-producer Niall, also the visionary behind the design for the show, gush about the cast and reveal some“cheeky and fun” storyline(s)... nope, no spoilers! Sitting there, it became very clear to me that there is nothing not to love about ILYYPNC, as it reveals real truths in between the fits of giggles at the absurdity of the dating-game by introducing you to characters you ‘know’.


“No swearing, no crudeness, it is just absolutely delicious from beginning to end. There is so much negativity, so many horrible things happening in the world, we just want the audience to sit in the auditorium and laugh for two hours. I get the overwhelming feeling that people just need to laugh”, Niall shares.


Asked to summarised the ILYYPNC theatrical experience, Niall exclaimed, “It is bright, delicious, hysterical and heart-warming all at the same time! Just absolutely divine, I’m excited!”


This show will sell out, you will regret being a typical Capetonian and not getting tickets in time, when all your friends who saw it concurs with Niall that “some of the numbers are so beautiful that you will grab your tissues to celebrate the magic of the moment with happy tears…” while only a few minutes later laughing uncontrollably at “one character who is absolutely divine but to say she is ‘skipping with the pixies’ is the biggest understatement ever!”


With an amazing comic concept, stellar cast, live band, a subject matter everyone can relate to, and lots of fun and laughter you simply have to see ILYYPNC during its two and a half week run at the gorgeous Theatre on the Bay. Book your tickets at Computicket and go be delighted by the divinely entertaining ILYYPNC before run ends 6 August 2016!



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