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July 7, 2016

This year fifteen short films will once again compete in the sixth kykNET Silwerskerm Festival taking place from 24 to 27 August in Camps Bay. The themes of the short films are diverse and young and more experienced talent will once again show that the South African film industry is experiencing an exciting period of growth.


Koue Voete

Don’t judge a criminal by his shoes.

The director and writer is Lara Lourens. She studied at the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute in Pretoria where she gained experience in writing, directing and acting. Although she has already debuted as director, Koue Voete is her first professional short film as writer, director and producer.


Die Bok

A bitter pregnant women fights to protect her rose garden against a goat while her marriage is deteriorating.

Philip van Zyl is the director and writer of Die Bok. He is a film-maker from Pretoria with a love for truly South African stories with a strong human element.  Some of his favourite film-makers are Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve and Martin Scorsese.



When a young, carefree hippy applies for a position as a carer for an elderly lady, they are at loggerheads from the moment of their first encounter. Still, they manage to develop a deeper bond and learn how to accept each other unconditionally. Age is just a number, but friends close to your heart form part of your very existence.

The director of Onthou is Susan Coetzer, an award-winning actress famous for her theatre debut in Diepe Grond, as well as TV series such as Daisy de Melker and Meester. She is also an accomplished painter, journalist and author. She performs nationwide as motivational speaker or is on tour with her new one-woman comedy, Koek en Tert, written by her.

The writer is Elanie Rupping, who came on to the scene as writer with the second season of the kykNET youth drama, Sterlopers. She is currently working on the soap Getroud met Rugby as writer and text editor.


Vlees van my Vlees

Fifteen years after a horrific car accident, a jovial man and his quadriplegic wife celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. In spite of their romance and selfless love, her disability forces them to face the truth of their broken relationship, resentment, pain and helplessness.

The director and writer is Matthys Boshoff. After film school, he worked for four years in the arts department of several international films after which he completed a film-making residency in America. He has experience as a writer for television drama and as a director of local and international advertising. He is currently developing a few films.



Andre rescues injured animals, but his relationship with the local veterinarian takes a dark turn when his mother starts interfering ...

PG Young is the director and writer of Arts. Halfway through a journalism degree, he realised he prefers fiction. Now he makes films and leaves news to others.


Merk. Sny. Stoor.

When a psychologically disturbed man's traumatic past influences his life now, a stranger becomes a victim of his own trauma.

Ricardo Liut, the director and writer of the short film, is a multimedia and graphic design lecturer at North-West University. He has a BA in graphic design, specialising in photography, film and multimedia design. He is currently completing his postgraduate studies. His MA in graphic design focusses on film, narrative theory and cinematography. In 2015 he was the director of the short film Die Monoloog by Zoo Productions.


En die wiele van die bus gaan om en om

Pathetic driver Freddie Venter transports ten patients from one psychiatric institution to another ... and then he loses his cargo.

For years director and SAFTA winner Pieter Grobbelaar has been toying with our hearts and minds with his plays, operas, television series and movies. Peter's creations enlighten one’s soul with its original voice, unique eye, gutfeel for comedy and a creative slap to make the impossible possible. The author of the short film is the film fanatic Marina Bekker, who found her place in the sun when she started writing. With several awards under her belt, she now gives her obsession free reign to explore new avenues to make films in every possible form.



Fanus Niemand is someone …

The writer and director is Wimpie van der Merwe (33) who obtained his BTech degree in 2006 at the TUT Film School. Known for his role as writer and director of Karate Kallie, he has since been working as a writer, director and cameraman in the film industry.



If we could just disappear.

Marisa Drummond is a famous film and theater actress and director of Spoor(loos). She made her directorial debut in the new kykNET soap Getroud met Rugby. The author of the short film is the PANSA-winning author Jannes Erasmus, making his short film debut. Jannes is largely known for his groundbreaking productions.



After Uncle Johan Booysens picks up a hitch-hiker, he realizes how dangerous the road can be if you don’t know your company.

The director and writer PJ Kotze, is a film-maker based in Johannesburg with a passion for rural stories, real small-town characters and adventure. He was at his absolute happiest when being under water or on top of a mountain with a camera in his hand, turning fear into joy. After five years of teaching film, he is dedicated full-time to try and interpret his experiences as a South African through film as a medium. Film is the closest he has come to truth in the world.



Thomas has heard the chilling humming sound for so long that he can hardly remember when things started going wrong for him. With the help of his psychiatrist, Dr Black, he begins to analyse his past so that he can win back the love of his life, Jana, despite the inevitable rumblings and feeling that he is constantly being watched ...

Willem Grobler, a writer and director from the Cape, has a background in various fields within the film industry and is also the writer and director of Hum. He has a love for genre films, and with the support of the NFVF he is currently developing his feature film God is Good, a neo-noir film that explores how people react when they are confronted with South Africa's extreme forms of injustice and violence. His winning short film, The Great Gatsby: Redemption will soon be screened at the 2016 Durban International Film Festival.


Die Muse

A naive young nurse is appointed to look after a brilliant but troubled writer with Asperger syndrome. But if a writer is struggling to lie, how is he supposed to make up stories?

In 2014, Frannie van der Walt, the writer and director of Die Muse, obtained a bachelor's degree (cum laude) in visual communication with film and TV scriptwriting as majors at The Open Window Institute in Pretoria, followed by an honours degree in 2015 at AFDA in Cape Town with majors in scriptwriting and directing.



There's a fine line between excitement and fear. It's just words. You have a choice. Fight or flight?

Nini Conradie is the director and received her honours degree in drama and theater studies at the University of Stellenbosch. Plankekoors is her directorial debut. The writer of Plankekoors is Ludwig Binge, who obtained a master's degree in drama and theater studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 2014. He is a freelance actor and participated in stage productions such as Balbesit, Cabaret and Samsa-masjien, as well as the feature film Johnny is nie dood nie.


Die Biker

A motorcyclist choose the open road as an escape. Did he choose the right turn-off?

Geoffrey Butler and Lisba Vosloo are the co-directors of Die Biker. Geoffrey is a freelance producer and editor of several television programs and commercials. He recently co-directed a documentary film about Pieter-Dirk Uys.

Lisba Vosloo is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, director and editor who has worked on various programs ranging from opera to war. She and her partner, Stef Albertyn, has a post-production facility on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town. The editing of the text was done by Henry Cloete, a writer from Cape Town. He is involved in several film and television projects and his debut novel, Draalnoot vir ’n Janfiskaal, appeared in 2014.


Beloofde Land

Lodewyk Mouton is the naive ruler of the dictatorship Anskroepolis. When a group of socialist rebels arrives at his manor house and threatens to topple him, Lood is confronted with the reality of his bubble-existence and the misery of his people.

Mia Cilliers is a writer and director of Cape Town with a background in documentary films, web series and reality television. She obtained a master's degree in documentary arts from the University of Cape Town. She is the author and director of Beloofde Land.

kykNET has identified a sixteenth project, which is not yet ready for implementation, but shows great potential. The project's author will develop the script further under the leadership of kykNET's capable commissioning producers and it will be included in next year's short film project. The title of the film and the name of the writer will be announced at the Silwerskerm Screen Festival in August.


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