Press: André the Mad Hatter of Hypnosis is back

June 19, 2016

What do you get when you combine a magician, comedian, teacher and theatre major into one, the answer, of course, is the well-known and loved André the Hilarious Hypnotist who celebrates his 22nd year on the Cape Town Theatre stage. 


André The Hilarious Hypnotist with his dry wit, a strange sense of humour and ability to get anybody to do nearly anything (within limits) is back in Cape Town for his yearly hilarious hypnotic spectacular in which you could become the star of the show. 


André first stepped on to the Cape Town stage at the tender age of 26 and what was meant to be a two-week season turned out to be a six weeks sold out success story and André The Hilarious Hypnotist has never looked back. 


André The Hilarious Hypnotist is coming back to the City he fell in love with 22 years ago and this time he is visiting nearly every Theatre he could find as he convinces your friend, neighbour or person sitting next to you to impersonate everything from superman to a "crowing cow" and if you are not in stitches of laughter during the show you might just shed a tear at the end. 


Yes, it's a brand new show filled with something new (Dinosaurs and Crowing Cows), something Old (missing fingers and superman) something beautiful (Andre's first hypnotic love scene) and something bold!!!!!!


André the Hilarious Hypnotist will be at the Masque Theatre from the 5th to the 9th of July. Performances are every evening at 7pm.


Book your tickets for this fabulous show by calling 021 788 1898 or emailing



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