Press: GingerbreadMan Collective presents exciting Chekhov revival, 'THE BEAR AND THE PROPOSAL'

Opening their debut theatrical season, The GingerbreadMan Collective will be presenting a comedy double bill; Anton Chekhov’s The Bear and The Proposal. The hilarious interpretation of two of Chekhov’s short plays explores the relationship between man and woman.


It’s a story of contrasts, evident in the six diverse characters that the cast of three interprets. At the helm is Sheldon Cross, who brings a fresh breath into this classic text. His visual concept is brought to life by designer Stephan Fourie, forming the dynamic duo that serves as the backbone of The GingerbreadMan Collective.


In The Bear, Popova (Leigh Bremridge) has locked herself in the house since her husband’s death. Unable to pay her dead husband’s debt, she is embroiled in an argument with a neighbouring land owner; Smirnov (Trad Nogueira Godsey), whom she calls, among other things, A Bear. Caught in the middle of their argument is Popova’s delicate footman, Luka (Peter Gilchrist).


Like The Bear, The Proposal follows the fiery relationship between two highly opinionated characters. A long time neighbour, Lomov (Nogueira Godsey), asks for Stepan’s (Gilchrist) daughter’s hand in marriage. After receiving her father’s blessing, Natalya (Bremridge) is asked to join them. This is where the farce begins. Arguing about the mundane, with his betrothed, Lomov finally collapses from exhaustion.


The GingerbreadMan Collective is a new collective delivering exciting work within the Cape Town theatre scene. Dedicated to excellence, their vision is to create commercially viable theatre that offers gifted performers an opportunity to make their mark within the industry. The collective is ultimately here to deliver high quality entertainment.


Directed by Sheldon Cross

Run: 16 -  25 June at 20:00

The Galloway Theatre, Waterfront Theatre School, Port Road, Cape Town City Centre

All enquiries: Sharon 0827728867





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