Scene It: Vacancy makes you believe in love again

June 7, 2016

Every now and then you come across a theatre gem that reminds you of the sad beauty that one finds in the 'ordinary' depth of human connection. One such a brilliant piece of heartfelt human-inspired theatre is Vacancy, presented by Canned Rice Productions at Alexander Upstairs.


It is a vibrant throwback to the silent movies of the past, with just enough French flair and Charlie Chaplin unspoken wit to render it an exquisite tragicomedy. Candice van Listenborgh and Richard Wright-Firth show that with great storytelling and amazing physical theatre skills, inspired theatre does not require words to communicate true emotion to an audience.


With magnificently expressive performances, subtle suggestive musical overlaps and relatable emotive undertones they explore the loss, longing and ultimately love of two introverts that have so much to give to someone willing to look deeper than society's preconceived ideas of 'normal'.


A piece that reveals the beauty and substance of a soul that blossoms when truly seen by another, Vacancy grabs the imagination and gives wings to hope. It will make even the most jaded of hearts believe in love again.


Vacancy is art brought to stage. Make a soul-date with this inspiring theatre production at Alexander Upstairs by Saturday, 11 June 2016. Book online and grab your ticket for only R80.




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