Scene It: C'est Bizarre Cabaret, sometimes naughty, but very nice!

June 6, 2016

C’est Bizarre Cabaret is a witty mix of magic and music that will make you gasp in amazement and giggle with delight. Sometimes a bit naughty, but always very nice, AlDente the Great (Charles Tertiens) along with his assistant Carrie Bonara (Eve McVey) and Gigi La Chanteuse (Ghia Koch Human) is a treat to see on stage. Not to forget their delicious MC, the fabulous Mr Prickles the Pineapple… no really, he is the juiciest stage pineapple in all of Cape Town!

In this show you can expect the unexpected, as there will always be an element of surprise… sometimes for the performers too as is the nature of magic! Tequila will be shared, items will disappear, 'tragically' deceased loves will be serenaded, cares will be laughed away, and you will definitely be entertained.


Charles Tertiens will blow your mind and capture your imagination with his unique style of stage magic. Along with Eve McVey, Tertiens also revives his original magical stage persona, AlDente the Great, the magician that gets magic so wrong he does it is spectacularly right, to the great amusement of the audience.  


Ghia Koch Human as Gigi La Chanteuse is such an amazing songstress she could sing the telephone book and still sound sultry and seductive. As only a true cabaret diva can, she commands the stage and demands the audience’s attention with every mesmerising note.


C’est Bizarre Cabaret is a colourful theatre experience that is magical escapism pleasure to both the eyes and ears…


"A unique experience, never seen magic and cabaret used to create such great comedic performances".

– Michael Cass


“An evening of hilarity cunningly melded with offbeat characters who will keep you guessing till the very end as to whether they are 'for real' or not. Music, magic and mania brought together by a cast which matches
the evenings billing, C'est Bizarre!”

– Dylan Coetzee


This is not a kiddies magic show though. It is a sexy, yet classy, production for an adult audience who can appreciate a darkly seductive cabaret with a magical twist. It will make the ladies blush just a bit and have the gentlemen grin in a most telling way.


So book your tickets to a magical night of theatre at Alexander Upstairs without delay. AlDente, Carrie and Gigi will only be on stage from 13 – 15 June 2016, and at R90pp for online bookings, these tickets are disappearing faster than you can say C’est Bizarre Cabaret!



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