Spotlight: Anthea Thompson a tour de force in 'My Briljante Egskeiding'

May 18, 2016

Hennie van Greunen has done it again. He has taken an already brilliant text and translated it into an Afrikaans theatre masterpiece. This time around, he has transformed ‘My Brilliant Divorce’, originally penned by Irish playwright Geraldine Aron, and gifted the theatre loving community the comedic monologue of ‘My Briljante Egskeiding’.


In this play, we meet the delightful, somewhat confused, Engela van Tonder-Strydom played by the uber-talented Anthea Thompson. Engela invites you on her journey of freedom and self (re)discovery as she deals with her divorce from the oh-so-charming (according to him at least) ‘Party-Frikkadel’.


Better than any love story, this is a LIFE story. It turns our everyday perception of the trials and tribulations of the divorced housewife into an extraordinary tale of bravery and empowerment. You ultimately leave the theatre as Engela’s biggest cheerleader, because the girl has got sexy sassy survival attitude with a bit of helpful hypochondria on the side.

The perfect balance between reality and escapism, there are at least 10 reasons why ‘My Briljante Egskeiding’ is already a not-to-be-missed theatre hit for 2016 –


  1. Anthea Thompson is a dazzlingly delightful tour de force on stage!

  2. Her comedic timing is spot-on and her performance absolutely hilarious.

  3. Her stage presence is so inviting, you will feel as if you are having a coffee catch-up with your very good friend, Engela.

  4. Julius, her pet, is possibly the cutest four-wheel-driven onstage doggy you will ever see.

  5. The play is a beautiful balance between exuberant laughter, supportive smiles and sentimental sighs, delivered in harmony by the totally invested and highly entertained audience.

  6. Brilliantly translated and adapted by a true wordsmith, Hennie van Greunen, the production feels authentically and proudly South African.

  7. The text is colourful, nuanced, comedy with depth.

  8. At its core, a story of hope and liberation that will make you laugh through the very appropriate occasional tears.

  9. It is theatre’s one-up answer to the self-help book.

  10. Ultimately, it is a theatre experience that makes your heart smile.


So don’t you dare miss this witty, smart and very relatable true-to-life theatre experience that is ‘My Briljante Egskeiding’.


It has already wowed audiences at Woordfees, KKNK and Die Boer. Next stop is Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch from 1 – 3 June. Thereafter Engela heads off to the Innibos and Free State Theatre Festival to entertain theatre fans from 1 – 3 July and 7 – 9 July respectively. With all these Engela meet-up options, you really have no excuse to miss out on one of the most talked-about Afrikaans theatre productions of 2016.



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