Spotlight: Meet the delightfully dysfunctional C’est Bizarre stars, Al and Gigi!

May 10, 2016

Everyone needs a little magic and mystery in their lives; add a cabaret twist and you get pure enchantment! That is what the quirky C’est Bizarre Cabaret guarantees when AlDente The Great (Charles Tertiens) and Gigi La Chanteuse (Ghia Koch-Human) soon take to the stage at Kalk Bay Theatre and Alexander Upstairs.


With the allure of an evening of dysfunctional delight, how can one not be intrigued by the promise of surprises, thrills and laughter? But what do we really know about this mysterious duo set to take over Cape Town one show at a time? Mmm, internet ‘research’ did not reveal enough fabulous details, as it appears they have magically hidden all the juicy minutiae of their delicious personas.


If you can’t ask Google, it never hurts to ask the source, right? So I did, and here is what the very unconventional Gigi and Al revealed in their ever alluringly eccentric manner, when considering some very ‘revealing’ questions:


Walking up to a random stranger of the opposite sex, how would you introduce yourself?
Gigi: Grrrrrrrr
Al: Ciao, it is I. Al Dente Le Mange Moi.


If you had to describe your personality to Ellen DeGeneres with one dance type and one song, what would your dance-song combo be?
Gigi: Cell Block Tango!

Al: Salsa, being the dance of my people it is spicy and hot, just like me. Candyman… Chrisina Aguilera wrote that song for me. You can see it in her eye when she sings it.


Who inspired you to embrace the spotlight as a stage performer?

Gigi: Josephine Baker …no Edith Piaff …no Josephine …Aiyoh, both of them!

Al: Inspire me? I am here to inspire, my great work gives me all the inspiration that I need.


What about your co-star do you think brings audiences to the show?

Gigi: His shiny hair!

Al: No comment.


What is the difference between your on- and off-stage personalities?

Gigi: What? There is supposed to be a differaaance?

Al: What do you mean? I am Al Dente The Great! I am Great, all the time!


What would your ideal holiday be?

Gigi: Tropical Islands sipping champagne with Crème de Cassis

Al: This is my secrets. I do not want you to stalk me at my hidden holiday resort in Disney World.


If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Gigi: Cher ... because she is Cher.

Al: I am more powerful than any superhero could possibly be, why would I possibly want inferior powers?


If you could be reincarnated as a guinea pig or a parrot, which one and why?

Gigi: Parrot because they are colourful of course.

Al: Reincarnated? That would mean that I could die. Ha!


How would you beat Gordon Ramsay in a cook-off? What would your 'secret weapon' be?

Gigi: A microwave meal from woolworf.

Al: My secret weapons are being Gordan Ramsay, his inferior cooking skills is no match for mine.


If someone wanted to bribe you, what (money excluded) would be your achilles heel?

Gigi: My petite chien (little dog) in danger
Al: Absolutely nothing, I cannot be bribed. Unless... maybe mirrors, I can do with a few more mirrors.


Just considering all this newly exposed info, it is clear that an evening in the company of Gigi and Al will be anything but boring and most definitely bewitching. So don’t miss out on the opportunity of meeting them face-to-face in C’est Bizarre Cabret at Kalk Bay Theatre (26 – 27 May) and Alexander Upstairs (13 – 15 June).



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