Scene It: Life, Van Vuuren, and his rantings… amazingly absurd!

May 9, 2016

When comedy is really good, it cuts to the bone, exposes real issues, and holds up a mirror to our insecurities in the most empowering and entertaining way. In Life... a rant, Rob van Vuuren does just that, as he grapples with the absurdities of life that has brought everyone aged 30 and older to their knees (mentally or physically) more often than not.


As Van Vuuren examines life’s great questions – the death-stare of chickens, the evil of Home Affairs in Wynberg, and the power of the religion of the spider – the laughter that rumbles through the audience carries an echo of understanding, because we get the feeling of actually just not getting what the purpose of life is at all. The few 20 somethings I spotted in the audience sometimes looked a little perplexed, giggling in confusion, because you have to have lived some ups and definitely some downs to really get the genius of this rant inspired comedy show.


It is theatre therapy that I wish I could get a double, if not a triple, dose of. Ironically enough, I was having one of those ‘this sucks proper’ days when I headed out to see Life at the Baxter Theatre. Walking in, I was admittedly open to being entertained, but I was not going to be an easy convert due to the fact that on that particular Wednesday I felt like kicking life in the … well, you get where I’m going with this. And then there was the Oprah 'ah-ha' moment that every “motivational” speaker promises and never delivers… Van Vuuren started making sense of the nonsensical in an ever illogical but uber relatable manner. Within minutes I was laughing my cares away, not giving a damn that life may be darn dark at times, and knowing that I am not alone in facing the everyday demons and conundrums.

In this show Rob van Vuuren, with his well-known and very clever overacting approach to stand-up, is stepping forward as South Africa’s answer to Michael McIntyre. I honestly enjoyed every minute of the sheer brilliance Life hurtled my way in the form of hilariously complex questions and quirky explanations... Van Vuuren's hipster jabs being a great added bonus. As long as we can all still cynically come together to laugh at ourselves, at life, and at all the associated curve balls, there will be a place for the amazing rantings showcased in Life... Na na na na na La ba da ba ba ba Life!


So while you are now inevitably humming the living life out of that ear-worm, get booking at Computicket to go get your anti-motivational fix with Rob Van Vuuren at the Baxter Theatre before run ends 28 May 2016.


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