Scene It: The 'fantastical' Cape Town Magic Club, a memorable must!

There is a new theatre on the Cape Town block, so very mysterious and intriguing that you simply have to go get better acquainted… and once you do, you will be magically hooked on all the escapism delight it offers!


As revealed in a recent Spotlight “Something magical is heading your way…”, magician Marcel Oudejans (with the help of fellow magicman Jacques le Sueur) has brought the concept of ‘Monday Night Magic’ to Cape Town in the form of the Cape Town Magic Club.


When Marcel explained that the magic club experience promises to be playful and fantastical, I just had to go check it out. So off I went with fellow theatre-loving friend Charmaine van der Merwe to be amazed. As it is no secret that I am a big fan of all things magic, I asked Charmaine to give you her opinion of the evening:


“Let me be frank – I’ve not been to many magic shows in my life. Most of my experience of magic shows is from detective series where someone got killed in a deception trick gone wrong (or right, depending on your perspective). A bit cheeky I know! So, you’re invited to come along to a show of the Cape Town Magic Club – a name which reminds of a few other Cape Town institutions (wink wink) – and is held in an old boys’ monstrosity of a building. Whohoohoo! And then, after being welcomed by a doorman, you’re received by ladies straight out of the fifties. Only to be led through a secret entrance (a delight to any bibliophile and very Dumble-door) and shown into a ‘dungeon’. With a bar. A proper bar. Things were looking promising! The show asks its attendants to commit to some neck breaking feats to find their seats, true, but that is probably to make sure you are worthy.


Our MC, Marcel Oudejans, was a darling. I felt as if my little brother was chatting with me about the night’s performers. And I have no idea where he hid his giant cards. They definitely would not fit in a sleeve or a palm! Opening act Mawonga Gayiya captured our hearts by pulling a string or two… no, no spoilers, you need to check when he is performing again and go see for yourself! Robin Boltman was our headliner and man, was that a bolt out of the blue. I was laughing so hard he probably had no problem pulling the wool over my eyes.


All and all, I know it is just a matter of illusion and misdirection. But if the performers get you to want to be fooled, I’d say you probably got your cheese and you got to eat it too! And bonus – as they change performers every so often, I can go back and be fooled some more!”


Personally, I can honestly concur with all that Charmaine says. The magic was truly amazing, and the gin and pre show ambiance was fabulous too! From entering the bookshelf-type secret door into the underground bar area, to the moment the smoke and mirror show took us on an escapism joyride, the experience was delightful.


From a theatrical point of view it is slick and well put together, a proper production, so much more than just another magic parlour show. The 40 seater theatre hidden in the ‘dungeon’ of the Cape Town Club is intimate enough that you feel as if you are spending an evening in the company of friends, so even if you are drawn into the show as a ‘voluntary’ magician’s assistant, you definitely don’t have to fear stage fright either.


So go be astonished by some of the best local (and who knows maybe even international) magicians and make your Monday evenings magical, and definitely most memorable!


Season 1 of the Cape Town Magic Club, Africa's premier theatre dedicated to the Art of Magic, Illusion, Sleight of Hand & Mentalism, runs every Monday evening (with 7pm and 9pm shows) until 6 June 2016, with tickets (R150pp) available for booking online via


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