Scene It: Dear Breeder is quirky, witty, fun

March 24, 2016

Theatre about real life stuff may sound boring, but it is relatable and sometimes takes you by surprise. Add music and comedy to that surprise and you get a night of fun and giggles in a gem like Dear Breeder currently showing at Kalk Bay Theatre.


It is billed as a “madcap two-woman show inspired by the performers’ firsthand experience”, and the madness is very obvious and in your face from the get go, as Karen Logan and Kasia Vosloo invite you into their parental world of insanity.


As an OTT story about the trauma and drama of being a parent, the play places the spotlight on the various types of parents one may encounter at a parent-teachers evening… the workaholic-snob designer, stay-at-home baking control freak, alternative-living free spirited hippie. By overplaying these stereotypes you are invited to sit back and watch as the show builds up to an inevitable blow-out between these ‘contradictions’, to the great delight of the audience.

Doing comedy, as comedy should be done – a critical commentary on society – this hilarious show with a musical twist shares some truths and even has a little life lesson that there has to be some give and take (with yourself, with your kids, and with your fellow parents), if there is to be peace at the pre-school ‘nativity play’ ;)


Oh and if you don’t spot the musical influence of director Iain ‘Ewok’ Robinson, you have clearly never watch Star Wars!


This may not be the type of theatre show that will leave your lyrical about the depth and vision, but it is quirky, it is witty and it is just great fun… and sometimes that is all one needs or wants from theatre, a great fun night out.


So treat yourself to a night of giggles and laughs and book online at Kalk Bay Theatre to see Dear Breeder before run ends 2 April 2016.


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