Scene It: Liewe Heksie brings the Pantomime Power to the Woordfees

March 10, 2016

Every now and then you need to allow your inner child some time to come out and play. Personally, I think this should be allowed more often than not, but if you need an excuse then I have the perfect one… the Pantomime, Liewe Heksie - Flower Power currently on at the Woordfees!


Delightful, fun and super professional, this show is bursting at the theatrical seams with marvelous acting, infectious music and great topical jokes (from references to Gifappeltjie Nkadla to the World Cup beating the Springboks got against Japan)! I also could not help but squirm with laughter every time Levinia Heks put her MJ-rocking heeled foot in her mouth with her own perceptive twist on words. Childhood memories will flood your senses involuntarily and it is a fabulously freeing feeling to be a kidlet for just a moment again. It truly is everything that a world-class pantomime should be, entertainment for ALL ages.

Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck (aka Dowwe Dolla) as creator of this theatre masterpiece is Liewe Heksie Levinia perfection. She is such a chameleon that people should really appreciate her creative and acting skills more than just thinking of her as a funny lady with a lollipop. I have great respect for her and her vision, and when you see how she put the Power in the Flower for this show, you will too!


Add the always proper Chris van Niekerk (Karel Kat), fabness personified Loukmaan Adams (Geraldina die Geelheks), koekedoor inspired Zanne Stapelberg (die Feëkoningin), the adorable Luca Human (Matewis), music maestro Emile Minnie, and effortlessly funny Carel Nel (Koning Rosekrans) into the classic Blommeland pantomime mix, and you definitely won’t regret seeing Liewe Heksie – Flower Power once, if not twice.


But wait, there is more! Actually a two-actor-reason-more why this show is a Woordfees must: Dean Balie and De Klerk Oelofse… these two will knock your gifappeltjie socks off!


Dean Balie may occasionally play a chicken during this production, but he is definitely not chicken when it comes to pulling out all the acting stops! Plus, it takes great skill to play Kwaaitjie Kabouter in a lovable yet strict way. Absolutely loved his take on his characters.


And then there is De Klerk Oelofse. He absolutely steals and steels the show! He takes a brilliant show and gives it an extra magical aura. Playing Blommie Kabouter, Kerrie and Borrie (yes both, and at once!!!) and so many others, you will sit there in absolute awe of his general acting talent and great comedic timing.


You will leave knowing exactly why both Dean and De Klerk are both Fleur Du Cap nominees in the category of best supporting actor in a musical!


So in short, GO SEE THIS SHOW!!! (Did I shout that loud enough for all of Cape Town to hear?) Book your tickets at Computicket and catch one of the last three shows this weekend! Levinia can’t wait to take you on a tour of her Blommeland.



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