Press: KRISTALVLAKTE on at the Fugard Theatre

This incredible work has been commissioned (part of the Suidoosterfees 2016) to celebrate the life and work of the late Professor Jakes Gerwel (the former chairman of Media24, former rector of the University of Western Cape and the director general of former President Nelson Mandela's cabinet). Kristalvlakte will serve as a creative and literary monument honoring Jakes Gerwel's memory.


From the shreds of the constant drug war, dealer Priscilla is trying to keep her family and life together. The community is bleeding due to the interference of political orders, gang bosses and religious leaders. Sometimes there are waves of peace, as in any good war. But war is like love - it will always find a way out. And while life goes on Priscilla's drug dealings will survive in the backstreets of time.

Amy Jephta's epic theater piece, has a star-studded cast: Ilse Klink, Brendon Daniels Roysten Stoffels Bianca Flanders, Tarryn Wyngaard, Dean Smith, Gantane Kusch, Daniel Richards, Dean Desk, Riaan Staggering and Antonio Fischer. It tells the story of a community much larger than the individual characters.


The work of Bertolt Brecht's Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder presents no simple

answers, but opens social reality to the core...


Not to be missed! Limited season only.


Venue: The Fugard Theatre  

Dates: April 29 (8pm), 30th (3pm, 8pm), 1st May (3pm, 8pm), 3rd (8pm), 4th (8pm), 5th (8pm), 6th (8pm), 7th (3pm, 8pm)

Ticket price: R60, R90, R110


Production: Kristalvlakte

Please note: Production is in Afrikaans

Written by: Amy Jephta

Directed by: Marí Borstlap

Actors includes: Ilse Klink, Brendon Daniels, Roysten Stoffels, Bianca Flanders, Tarryn Wyngaard, Dean Smith, Gantane Kusch, Daniel Richards, Dean Balie, Riaan Visman and Antonio Fischer



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