Scene It: Shakespeare Abridged absolute OTT fun!

March 3, 2016

When most people think of Shakespeare’s work, they think heavy, tragic, school-day nightmares of analysing monologues to death. The poor Bard really doesn’t have it easy reputation wise in the modern world. Although I have developed a personal love for the Bard’s work on my own as a bit of a nerd, there are still those cringe-worthy moments… personally I involuntarily roll my eyes every time someone mentions Romeo & Juliet! I just can’t handle it at all!


So when the Constantiaberg Theatre Players announced that they would be tackling all of Shakespeare’s works in one show in “a single, solid, well-formed lump of hilarity", they got my attention. Hopeful of some good PR for Mr Shakespeare, I set off to the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg to see 37 plays, by 3 actors in under 2 hours!


The witty cast of professional amateurs throw everything at this production, including the kitchen sink. They leave their hearts on the stage and more than once I sat there thinking our “mainstream” actors can take a note or two from community drama societies when it comes to showing passion for a production purely for the love of theatre. Yes, I did hold my breath when they started off with ‘Oh Romeo, Romeo’, but they won me over in the end because it was all just so light, funny and enjoyable!


Seeing as you only have until this Saturday (5 March) to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridge, I will keep this #SceneIt as brief and abridged as the show, and give you a few reasons why you must simply make time to go see Daniel Enticott, Kim R2 and Faeron Wheeler in this production:


  • Daniel Enticott, playing most of the female roles, looks fabulous in a dress and wig… The Bard would most definitely approve.

  • They do Andrew Lloyd Webber a great but fabulous injustice in sneaking in a Cats number as “supporting” Broadway nod to Othello.

  • You will never look at a cooking show the same way again thanks to Titus Andronicus, who makes a great pie.

  • They prove that Shakespeare’s tragedy stricken kings can make a fierce rugby team, as long as there is a ‘tiara’ in play.

  • Kim R2 proves why no comedian has ever successfully built a career on cheese jokes.

  • They perform Hamlet backwards!!! Yes, backwards!!!


In short, this show is the ultimate definition of OVER THE TOP! You will definitely be entertained. To book your seat at R80 a ticket, email today.



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