Scene It: D6 Kanala, a tribute to the heart-music of the people

February 24, 2016

Upfront disclaimer, this was a difficult #SceneIt for me to write. I have been arguing with myself since the amazing opening night of 11 February about what I experienced … from the initial emotional toe-tapping “wow” to the later philosophical quiet contemplation. I found myself constantly rewriting it in my head, trying to capture the magic, while with diffuculty avoiding reading any other opinions. So I thought, “Why not actually just write it as I feel it?” So here is my reflection on District 6 - Kanala, a musical tribute.


If District 6 - Kanala was just a musical, I could say I would have liked some more character development, or rather a singular depth focus on one main character, or an express choice of focussing on numerous characters without a main protagonist, but it isn’t really a musical in the true traditional sense at all. District 6 - Kanala is more, it is a musical TRIBUTE and as such, it is different in its own right: not comparable and not to be compared.


The show is upfront about the fact that everything is emotive and fuelled by nostalgia. District 6 - Kanala is something personal to the people of Cape Town. It makes you feel, and that feeling really can’t be pinned down. It is different from person to person and changes from scene to scene, because even as Capetonians our histories are all so different and diverse. But that was the essence of the magic of District 6 the place too! It embraced the magic of the diverse, the magic of the unique, the magic of the people.


You will fall in love with the memories shared on stage, and you will shed a tear at the roots lost, because District 6 - Kanala reminds you of your humanity. We need to remember, and what better method of remembrance than music. As that very wise Unknown Author so often quoted said, “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

This is what David Kramer and his brilliantly talented District 6 - Kanala cast and band will gift every person that has the privilege of experiencing this memory moment through music. From the busy market bustling Hanover Street, to youthful antics in the Star Bioscope, mixed in with beautiful Kaapse Klopse New Year’s vibrance, the music walks you through the streets of District 6. It allows you to see it through the eyes of those who loved it as home, regardless of class, standing or religion.


On 11 February 1966 the people of District 6 were cruely separated from their heart-home. 50 years later, the music that no one could take from them, that kept their hearts beating, the rythm of the spirit that could not be broken, returns to District 6. For all the emotion, for all the feelings, for all that is the spirit of District 6 - Kanala, I honestly just want to say, tramakasie for the power of music that celebrates the memory of people.


Book your tickets at Computicket to see District 6 Kanala at the Fugard before run ends 22 May 2016 … and go feel!



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