Scene It: 'A Beautiful Wreckage', A Fresh Take on Musical Theatre!

February 15, 2016

If you say musical, most people conjure up images of Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar. Rarely do they think new, fresh, and innovatively modern. So often we forget that Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber once upon a time set out to take the theatre world by storm with starry-eyed novel ideas, and luckily for us captured the hearts of so many theatre fans.


Grant Jacobs and Liam Mcdermott are the new generation of musical theatre dreamers. Much like Rice and Lloyd Webber, they are eagerly setting out to capture the hearts of audiences with their trendsetting innovative vision… a pop rock musical, A Beautiful Wreckage.


This is not your average big scale bells-and-whistles musical, but luckily it isn’t! It is musical growth and development in the form of a multi-media relatable intimate approach, that captures your imagination and attention not only with a simplistic smart set, but also by placing the focus on good quality performances and vocals. Quality beats quantity every time, and multi-media highlights this brilliantly.


With an original score produced by Jonathan Simons in collaboration with Grant and Liam, you find yourself totally immersed in the daily lives of two students. Boring one may think… a musical about the ordinary lives of students? Not boring at all, you are surprised, as you find out how captivating the ordinary actually is as it reveals truths so easily and often forgotten.


Sitting in the theatre, watching A Beautiful Wreckage, you realise that you were either one of those students a few moons ago, or knew someone like that. With that realisation, the show grabs your heart by the hand and runs with it! It is real, and because the realness is presented to you through the medium of music it hits you right in the feels, with great acting and superb harmonisation that highlights Grant and Liam’s individual strengths and talents perfectly!


These boys are visionaries. On the night, the production may not have been technicall absolutely flawless, with a sound adjustment needed here and there, but I am sure they have already sorted that out as is their professional nature. Technical glitches are however easily forgiven, because this is theatre that leaves you enthusiastic about the creative potential and future of musicals.


Excited much? Yes I am. So, just to check myself that I didn’t merely get swept away by the magic of the A Beautiful Wreckage music beat, I asked two other theatre friends for their opinions too:


“'A Beautiful Wreckage' is one of those brilliant theatrical performances that will appeal to both young and old. What I enjoyed most was the creative way in which the multi-talented Liam and Grant combined Pop Rock music, Digital Media and a captivating overall performance. It really made me think twice about life and the choices we make and how it impacts the people we love most around us.”

– Bea Liebenberg


“Grant Jacobs and Liam McDermott are a new talented, original, great team, new to the Cape Town theatre scene. They wrote and performed this amazing theatre piece which captivated the audience. I loved the depth of emotion, the sensitivity, the originality of their performances. I am so going to see it again!”

– Jenni Bessesen


The boys kicked off their run at Kalk Bay Theatre & Restaurant, but will now be moving their trendsetting musical A Beautiful Wreckage to the intimate Alexander Upstairs at the trendy Alexander Bar from 16 to 26 February 2016. So book your seat at the online price of between R70 and R80 per ticket, and go be part of musical theatre history in the making. Who knows, one day you may even tell your grand kids that you already got to see the talented Grant and Liam on stage when they were only just starting to make musical waves…



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