Scene It: Ceri Dupree is Divalicious Perfection

February 11, 2016

I’ve seen drag shows, I’ve seen female impersonators, but not until this week have I had the great privilege of seeing a gender illusionist! That is The Fabulous Ceri Dupree… a true professional illusionist, that changes from Joan Rivers to Dolly Parton in the blink of a glittered eyelash.


It is not just idle boasting when the show is sold as a West End sensation. Everything about this slick production, from the set, lighting, brilliant costumes, to the world class performance by Ceri, shouts professionalism in a musical mash-up of perfection!


Oh but I need to take a special moment and double gush about the costumes. Perhaps the only thing that is bigger than Ceri’s awesome stage presence is the collective shimmer of the bling on what can only be costumes that are each individually probably worth more than my car! Ceri carries each brilliant costume with the necessary divalicious presence that is required… not too much, not too little, just enough fabulousness!


The show starts off with Ceri focussing more on comedy (for adults only), lulling you into just the right state of giggly relaxation to be absolutely wowed out of your seat as Ceri transports you into a total state of utter amazement when music and vocals become the star of the show!

What stood out most though is the vulnerability that Ceri displayed and shared with the last silhouetted costume change... all the bling and “masks” were drop, and the true, exposed and extremely talented Ceri stood in front of the audience. That was the real connection moment, and the one that will forever be glittered into my theatre memory.


From hearing “Hello Dolly” like you’ve never truly appreciated it before, to folding double as “Dame Edna” makes her possums succumb to ugly fits of laughter, I honestly can’t emphasise enough what a must see this VRG Theatrical presented The Fabulous Ceri Dupree Show at the Artscape Arena actually is.


Sadly, with most of the seats already sold out, only a handful of very lucky Capetonians will have the privilege of saying they experienced this larger-than-life, yet extremely intimate, show before run ends Saturday, 13 February. Try and grab one of those last Computicket seats right now!



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