Spotlight: 'A Beautiful Wreckage' and the creative mind of Grant Jacobs

February 7, 2016

Everyone's favourite ‘PaperBoy’, Grant Jacobs, is back in town, and he is bringing a new musical production to Kalk Bay Theatre! After the award-winning success of the hilarious, high-energy ‘PaperBoy’, Grant as joined forces with creative friend Liam Mcdermott again to shake up Cape Town with their new pop rock musical ‘A Beautiful Wreckage’.


The production definitely has entertaining labelled all over it. What is not to love about a story about two friends, one a ‘good boy’ and the other a ‘hippy cartoonist’, that get into unforgettable, and sometimes regrettable, crazy situations as they set out on their life changing varsity adventure.


As the boys are getting ready to take Cape Town by storm this February, I simply had to catch up with Grant and hear all about this trendsetting production.


Creating theatre doesn’t just come naturally to everyone, but Grant seems to have a knack for it. When you ask him about his creative inspiration, his response, much like his approach to theatre, is very honest and refreshing.


“I'm a bit of a people watcher, so I would say people. I enjoy telling simple stories that are easily relatable and finding ways to re-create everyday life scenarios on stage in an interesting way. And of course music. The idea of contemporary or modern music in a musical really appeals to me because it keeps musicals current and fresh. Feelings and emotions also play a big part because it is a nice way to channel energy into something creative.”


So, if people are his inspiration, where specifically then did the idea for ‘A Beautiful Wreckage’ come from?


“It came from some articles I was reading about drinking and drug use and then I came across an article about two first year university students, that were best friends and had been through an ordeal. They decided to let off some steam after the "storm" had passed and then in a wink of an eye one of them lost their life. That really got me thinking about friendships and the importance of them and how a loss can wreck a seemingly perfect journey so quickly and without any warning.” 

Contemplating this revelation in storyline depth, I start wondering, what do they add to the mix to make ‘A Beautiful Wreckage’ not merely a multi-layered play, but also a ‘trailblazing pop rock musical’?


“Well, it's modern, it's contemporary, it's fresh. The music is all original and all South African. The staging is fun. The show is full of energy and the visuals are great. It isn't your average musical. I would say it's a boutique musical. Small and quant with the feel of a big musical.”


Honestly, considering the story, the inspiration, and what sounds like an interesting great modern multi-media twist on a musical, I am very happy that Durbanite Grant keeps bringing his productions to Cape Town. Clearly he has a soft spot for his Mother City theatre home and her audiences too…


“They are welcoming and warm, but also let you know what they really think. Which we enjoy."


Yes indeed, Cape Town audiences are very honest! However, that is also why we appreciated new, boundary shifting plays, along with the creative effort that goes into it. We want to be surprised! As such, Cape Town audiences truly embrace theatre as a lifestyle, but what does that mean to Grant?


“Making every moment count. It mean's being committed and dedicated to your craft all the time.”


Grant may be from Durban, but I think it is fair to say his heart beats to a Cape Town theatre rhythm. He gets us, and because Grant gets us, he wishes only that ‘A Beautiful Wreckage’ leave audiences feeling inspired. So come join the boys as they take you on a journey that promised to make you “laugh, squirm and even shed a few tears in this reminiscent journey of ‘the student years’!”


‘A Beautiful Wreckage’ runs at Kalk Bay Theatre & Restaurant from 9 to 20 February. Tickets are R125 per person and can be booked online at


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