Scene It: Bon Soir, theatre perfection!

February 2, 2016

The creative minds of Follow Spot have done it again! As soon as you think “Surely they can’t beat that performance?!”, they find a way to up the awesome and bring you another spellbinding piece of theatre perfection.


How to describe the brilliance that is Bon Soir? Mmm, that is a tricky one, because it is both technically and visually in a league of its own. Comparing it seems an injustice, but if I had to give a description it would be an intimate version of Cirque du Soleil, meets Cabaret, with a touch of Coney Island enchantment.


Absolute brilliance, that’s what it is… amazing lighting, fabulous illusions, hilarious comedy, but more importantly it is a breath-taking exhibition of sheer talent!


Lucy Tops is everything that is fabulous and OTT as the seductive ring mistress. She keeps everyone (including the audience) on their toes, with a voice that captures your imagination, whether she uses it to entice you with a heavy European accent or charm you with her songstress powers. She is definitely the Siren of the Circus! Lucy is beautifully complimeneted by the deep and soulful voice of James Harris, who is the reason I still very happily have Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' as an earworm days later.


The dancers, Ash Searle, Bradley Searle, Ruby Burton, and Nadine Theron, are exquisite, as they tempt you into their world of playful excitement. Ruby is definitely a face to watch, as much like the legendary Margot Fonteyn, she has the special energy that immediately demands your attention when she takes the stage. Oh and then of course the Searle Brothers have their very seductive (and at times dangerous… for them) towel dance… the naughty modern version of the “veil” dance.


Although every aspect of this show is utterly amazing, special mention must be made of Alex Tops, who as the mime-like clown (and not the American slap stick version), had the audience giggling with delight at his antics. Top hat off to you sir!


Cape Town, you only have until Saturday, 6 February 2016, to see this amazing piece of visually captivating theatre that is Bon Soir, before the troupe jets off to take over Perth. Fingers crossed that they come back soon though, because this is the type of production you will want to see again.


See if you can grab a spot in one of the last shows, by visiting their website:




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