Scene It: The heart of Cape Town, the Lux, is alive!

December 13, 2015

Some stories are just so legendary, some memories just so powerful and some moments just so big that they require, no demand, the magic of music to provide a beat-back-drop that makes the already amazing absolutely spectacular.


One of these ‘some’, is without a doubt, the experience of #RememberingTheLUX…


When two or three talented entertainers take to stage, it usually lets my heart skip a beat with excitement, but when you have 10 or more paying tribute to the people of the Luxurama, I was left feeling absolutely giddy with #lovetheatre delight. The more I soaked up their shared memories of the Lux through song and dance, the more it dawned on me that this iconic theatre was not built or contained in the four walls now left abandoned, it was made up of and powered by the people that called it ‘home’. It was the place where, regardless of the turmoil on the outside, the music and movie moments of togetherness was infused with real soul.


That type of real soul cannot be contained or limited, and that soul is currently touching hearts every evening as the Baxter Theatre curtain goes up to reveal a night of Luxurama nostalgia that will leave young and old inspired.


It was truly a treat to see even the youngest of kidlets in the audience rock out to the music of Percy Sledge and soak up the stories of Lux visits by icons such as Dusty Springfield. As long as we never forget, as long as we keep sharing the soul, as long as we embrace the togetherness it created, the Luxurama will forever be the place to be every time you hum a catchy tune, or dance the night away with family and friends.


So take your beloveds by the hand, grab your tickets at Computicket, and rush on over to the Baxter Theatre to …


see the musical sensations Alistair Izobel and Loukmaan Adams set fire to the stage, Lux-style,


be wowed by ‘The Voice’ that is Nur Abrahams,


giggle with delight at the antics of Terry Hector,


stand in awe of the amazing talent and stage presence of the most divine stage diva that is Terry Fortune, and


go experience the larger-than-life vocals of the ever vibrant Niesha Abrahams,


along with the hilarious Giempie Vardien, the talented Leslie Kleinsmith, the jazziest jazz man Donveno Prince and the rising star Kashiefa Blaauw.


Long live the Lux!


Catch Remembering the Lux at the Baxter Theatre until 9 January 2015. Thereafter it returns from 25 August to 17 September. Book your tickets via Computicket.



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