Press: Butterfly Dreams

November 28, 2015

Jungle Theatre Company brings back Butterfly Dreams aka Metamorphosis with four performances taking place this December.


Dancing on stilts with powerful drumming and spectacular costumes Butterfly Dreams is a surreal and larger than life celebration of a girl experiencing the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Hiding in a tree house she dreams the sounds of her garden turning into music; of two giant butterflies dancing. The male catches the female’s eggs and hangs them on a leaf where they hatch and grow into giant caterpillars. Can she challenge the predator and protect the miracle of life for her own big transformation?


A street theatre piece, Butterfly Dreams speaks to the beginnings of Jungle Theatre Company, which grew out of performances at street festivals and events back in 1995, when Artistic Director Vincent Meyburgh began his career developing the unique performance style and artistic principles of Jungle Theatre Company.

As a non-verbal and hugely visual piece the theme of Butterfly Dreams links to the actor’s personal stories of big transformation.  Funded by the National Arts Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs & Sports, this outdoor piece is fun for the whole family and accessible to all ages and cultures.


“More than freshly home-grown street performance, Butterfly Dreams is larger than life theatre both literally (evocative drumming, tall stilted actors, huge billowing ‘wings’ of material) & symbolically (for its breath-taking visual & metaphorical impact). I just love the multi-layered symbols as the play unfolds. We could all do with a lot more change in our lives & to be so warmly reminded that while ‘butterfly dream’ metamorphoses are not necessarily easy, what is birthed on the other side is a richer me & that we don’t make our transformations alone.” - Rob McLeod


Funded by the National Arts Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports Butterfly Dreams is 45 minutes in duration and has a cast of seven actors.  The performers will gather donations after the show in a fun and uplifting manner promoting public support for quality theatre and responsible busking. Performances are scheduled as follows: 10, 11, 12 and 16 December at 10h00 on the Grassy terraces next to the Muizenberg Pavilion.



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