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October 18, 2015

People are living there by Athol Fugard and adapted and directed by Blythe Linger and Kathleen Stephens, is to be staged at the Galloway theatre in Cape Town for a 11 day run late October.


Hungry Minds theatre, who were invited to show case under Assitej for the Naeldi award panel and who returned from playing at the 2015 National arts festival as well as 2015 Cape Town Fringe festival, will now be staged at the Galloway Theatre for a limited season from 20th till 31st October 2015 at 7:30pm nightly.


The carefully-layered, richly-textured play is written by Athol Fugard, adapted and directed by Blythe Stuart Linger and co-directed by Kathleen Stephens from Hungry Minds theatre productions team.


Independent reporter and theatre critic Tracey Kim Saunders described it best, saying, “By the end of the performance every notion you have ever held about what living means will be questioned… A questioning of life’s purpose and the frantic search for a small glimmer of hope and happiness is tragic. With a final sequence reminiscent of Waiting for Godot the audience remained riveted and reluctant to leave their seats”.

When the lonely and isolated Milly – a woman on the brink of turning 50 – decides to rope in Don, a student, Shorty, a dim-witted newlywed and Sissy, Shorty’s wife, into dealing with a secret that she cannot come to terms with, a celebration full of regret, bitterness and absurdity erupts.


People Are Living There, featuring a conceptual twist, reveals Athol Fugard’s carefully woven subtext within his original text. This adaptation explores the struggles of a 50-year-old woman and that of her subconscious, within a realistic context. As much as we adhere to the realistic text, the staging places emphasis of the existentialist philosophy that is so underpinned throughout the text.


Like a slowly decaying house held together by thin threads of memory, Milly cannot come to terms with a

secret that she struggles to face – an internal struggle with the ‘loss of time’.


A piece that uncovers absurdity, delusion, hope, reality, deterioration, power struggle and comedy. People are living there…or are they?


 “What makes this such a stellar production is the remarkable cast. Imke du Toit’s performance is among the finest I have seen at the festival. Her commitment to Milly the landlady who unravels before us is unwavering and she was utterly captivating .People are living there is bleak beautiful theatre.” Tracey Kim Saunders


This production was staged at the Grahamstowns National arts festival 2015 and is set to tour High schools in Gauteng in the month of November 2015. 


Tickets cost R110 with 1 free ticket with block-bookings of ten, tickets available for schools, charities and organisations.  


The theatre production is performed by an ensemble cast of 4 young actors; Imke du Toit, Kiroshan Naidoo, Almar Muller, Clarissa Roodt who are graduates and graduating actors from the University of Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch.

There are 11 evening performances at 7:30pm on 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and the 31st October. Earlier school performance can be arranged.


Bookings for People are living there is through waterfront theatre school on 082 772 8867, online at or at the waterfront theatre school.


For any discount on corporate, school, charity, or fundrasing events, as well as block bookings, please contact Sharon on 082 772 8867 or


For any further media requests, interviews or photos please contact Blythe Linger on 083 289 7741 or email

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