Scene It: Moping over the dirty thirties is a thing of the past with fun, flirty Dragging 30 at Kalk Bay Theatre

October 2, 2015

I’m turning 30 in seven weeks and I have been utterly miserable about it (panic attack, chocolate binging miserable, in fact!) … until I saw the flirty, hilarious Dragging 30 at Kalk Bay Theatre on Wednesday 30 September,2015, that is!


Starring the vibrant Genna Galloway and Natasha (Tash) van der Merwe, with a special guest appearance by Alain Fleischman, this fun romp sees the girls attempt to wade through their confusing dirty thirties with a series of insane adventures – from a  sweaty disastrous Bikram yoga session to dressing up in nasal costumes for money. Despite a multitude of ego-crushing problems, including break-ups, the girls eventually get their groove back by performing as back-up dancers and singers for drag queen extraordinaire, Cadenza Jones.


Genna portrays the dazed and confused 30-year-old nursing a broken heart well, while Natasha shines as the friend who attempts to help her get out of her Bridget Jonesesque rut and both of them have great voices, which were at times drowned out by the too-loud music.


One liners like “My mother has taken to getting my eggs frozen as a birthday gift to me” and Genna’s utter devastation at a friend’s engagement had me nodding in sympathy while I more than identified with the feeling of being unsettled, single and childless. I know my panic attacks about the Big Three Oh will return in bursts but shows like Dragging 30 definitely helps me to feel less anxious about it.


If you love frequenting Beefcakes, the drag show institution of Cape Town as much as I do, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Fleischmann as Cadenza Jones in this coming-of-age musical comedy. There’s nothing like seeing all of that fabulous energy in sequins, a big wig and nine inch heels doing some serious booty shaking to chase your morbid thoughts away!


Let’s talk food …


Look, it’s no secret that the Theatre Scene girls have a passionate love affair with all things gourmet and alcoholic and the Dragging 30 opening night at Kalk Bay Theatre was a tryst of note.


From Vanessa’s specially made Big Girls cocktails which helped our crazy day job concerns just melt way away to the orgasmically delicious chilli popper wontons starters and mushroom tagliatelle mains, we were in culinary heaven, for sure!



Top all of that off with our standard post-show cortado and hot chocolate and the cool crowd vibe, and you have two happy theatre lovers.


 (Click for full video)


Looking for a fun, flirty night out with the girls? Dragging 30 is the show to see!


Dragging 30 runs at Kalk Bay Theatre until 10 October, 2015. Tickets are R 125 and available at Reserve your table for a pre-show dinner at +27(0)788 7257.

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