Scene It: Don’t just visit Theatre on the Bay, make it a holiday with Alan Committie

September 28, 2015

When living in a city which is practically tourist paradise, surrounded by breath-taking views and an entertainment hub with so many theatres dishing up great shows, we thought it time for a proper theatre holiday in our #lovecapetown… what these days people refer to as a staycation.


So when we got the invite to go see our #KingOfComedy, Alan Committie, in his hilarious The Sound of Laughter running at Theatre on the Bay, I grabbed the opportunity for a theatre break in Camps Bay with both hands.


On Friday, 18 September 2015, I packed my bags to travel from the CBD to the sea side…


As this majestic journey took all of 15 minutes, I arrived at the Primi Royal Boutique Hotel at 4pm with ample time to soak up the gorgeous views and lounge around on the huge king sized bed with a coffee and a book. Sheer relaxing pleasure after a hectic 9 to 5 week. Dolly Parton would approve!

I can definitely recommend a stay at the Royal Boutique and would advise that you keep an eye on as the one night, breakfast included, package I got was an amazing R600 a night. With this hotel one street away from the beach and exactly behind Theatre on the Bay, could you get any more of a prime spot for a #lovetheatre night out with a sexy sunset view to boot?!


With Alan set to entertain the audience to the max at 8pm, Faz and I met up with the amazing Theatre on the Bay team at Primi Piatti (next to the theatre) for a quick chat about their upcoming Pieter Toerien Productions shows like Epstein, Singin' in the Rain and just theatre in general. To say that we adore this team of theatre friends for accepting our theatre obsession as 'normal' is I think very obvious by now. So if you ever see Mike, Kat or Dylan in the gorgeous foyer of Theatre on the Bay, give them a high five and say “the Theatre Scene gals say you rock!”.


Oh and not to forget our favourite stage manager and lighting magician, Progress… the best non-bearded bearded lady Alan shares the stage with for a brief moment in The Sound of Laughter. He loves his coffee, so treat him to a cuppa if you run into him too.

Now, the 18th was kind of a special day for us. We announced our new Theatre Scene gal-powered team exactly one year ago in 2014 at Theatre on the Bay, with an Alan Committie #TheatreSceneSandwich photo. So it was with great delight that we sat down on our team-anniversary to see one of our favourites own the stage, even when he donned his red leotard to show off his silk skills. I am convinced Madame Zingara will phone him to join their next show… even if Alan did make at least one audience member blush a few times over to the great amusement of all (the ‘victim’ included).

At the end of the night, Faz and I grabbed a quick anniversary photo with Alan, congratulated him on being as awesome as always, before I headed back to my comfy bed waiting for me at the Royal Boutique, a mere 2 minutes’ walk up the pathway to the side of the theatre.

Reminiscing over the amazing show, while having a delicious Royal breakfast the next morning, glancing on out over the ocean with Theatre on the Bay in front of me, I thought to myself, why should people go see Alan’s The Sound of Laughter (again)?


These 5 reasons immediately came to mind:


1. He is ‘The King’

Well because, Alan… isn’t that enough? We didn’t crown him Theatre Scene’s #KingOfComedy for nothing, and we don’t just hand out hashtags to everyone!


2. A Laugh-a-minute

If I have to go on, because the show itself is slick, fast paced, literally a laugh-a-minute… your cheek and tummy muscles will hurt (in a good way) from all the laughing, promise.


3. Ageless Entertainment.

Alan doesn’t discriminate. He just isn’t that type of a guy. So he always makes sure that his content is relevant and relatable, regardless of age. Whether you are 18 or 81, Alan’s style speaks to everyone… and if his style doesn’t speak to you, he definitely will ;)


4. A Brainy Break

Even though his content is not slap stick or brainless (but actually very smart), you don’t feel like you are working too hard to be part of the entertainment. Sometimes a theatre show of 30 minutes can feel like 3 hours, but Alan’s shows are so effortlessly entertaining, time honestly flies because you are having fun without necessarily having to even think about it. In fact, you are left always wanting more.


5. Familiar yet Fresh

He constantly pushes himself to do better and more. A new Alan show always has that fabulously familiar feeling of all his previous much-loved shows. The Sound of Laughter, though familiar in an Alan way is yet again new too. Even if you saw the previous run, The Sound of Laughter’s content has evolved with the times. So there may or may not be a Star Wars ala War Horse tribute in there that made my geeky heart do a double flip with delight. Thank you Alan!

So find yourself a nice spot for a #lovetheatre staycation in Camps Bay, go grab a cocktail & pizza at Primi Piatti or even a delicious 3 course meal at the Side Dish Bistro in Theatre on the Bay itself and head on over to let Alan Committie entertain you with The Sound of Laughter running until 3 October 2015.


Tickets are available at Computicket and are so reasonably priced at R100 to R170, that it should already make you giggle with delight. Go, grab your ticket to laughter now!


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