Press: The Fugard Theatre Announce First Playwright in Residence Louis Viljoen and a Staging of His 2014 Fleur Du Cape Awards Best New Script Winner The Kingmakers

Following on from the highly regarded Fugard Theatre productions of award-winning playwright Louis Viljoen's plays CHAMP (2013) and THE PERVERT LAURA (2015), his multiple 2014 Fleur du Cap award-winning THE KINGMAKERS will be produced at the Fugard Theatre Studio from 23 February until 19 March 2016. Viljoen will direct. He also won the 2014 FLEUR DU CAP BEST NEW DIRECTOR AWARD for THE KINGMAKERS.


A 'pitch black' political comedy THE KINGMAKERS follows a group of opposition-party strategists as they attempt to place a neutral party member in contention for leadership. After an internal power struggle leaves them out in the cold and on the fringes of the party, they come up with a plan to shape a seemingly ambition-less, but well-respected politician into a leader. With the help of a rising commercial corporation seeking political clout and possible government contracts, the stage is set for a merciless power grab and perhaps a chance at revenge.


THE KINGMAKERS is set in the familiar world of skullduggery, backstabbing, one-upmanship, disloyalty, blackmail and profiteering, otherwise known as South African politics. Our three heroes spend their days making sure the system works for no one except the lucky few or the ones who can afford to do as they please. But after years of working in the dark and the cold, financially speaking, they conspire to get something for themselves, whether it be gold or power. Preferably both. 


"The Fugard Theatre exists to showcase the best of South African talent and it all begins with writers.  While we are committed to world class South African and International productions of existing plays and musical theatre, we are equally committed to encouraging new South African writing. Louis Viljoen is one of these new voices who the Fugard Theatre will nurture by appointing him our first playwright in residence. The playwright in residence programme provides the writer with a series of guaranteed commissions and production of his work on the Fugard Theatre Studio stage" Eric Abraham Founding producer and owner of the Fugard Theatre said.


Tickets are now available through Computicket or the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461 4554 and range from R130 to R150 per ticket. 


Warning: THE KINGMAKERS contains extremely strong language, strictly no under 16.




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