Scene It: The Game: Redemption, a match fix at Alexander Upstairs!

We’re not often left speechless by a theatre production, but The Game: Redemption, much like The Pervert Laura before it, rendered us mute at the Alexander Upstairs on Tuesday 11 August, 2015. If you saw people walking around in a daze, randomly mumbling to themselves, in Strand Street last night around 10:30pm, we are willing to bet they were in the audience with us.


Billed as being an improvised play according to a set story-line and starring Milton Schorr as Coach Frik and Brendan Murray as Tatiana Romkova, the giant female player; The Game certainly does make for unexpected viewing.


It is perhaps best described as the improv answer to theatre of the absurd... what starts out as a slightly sensual coach and client training session, complete with full frontal nudity (not for sensitive viewers, you’ve been warned!) and the requisite tension-filled locked-in a building for the night scenario, quickly turns into the most bizarre father-daughter revelation we’ve seen for some time.


In a plot twist so shocking, you'll feel slightly duped into what you're seeing - like the game's been fixed! If the unconventional musician Tom Waits had to experience The Game, we are pretty sure he would turn to us and say “how bizarre!”

The element of surprise, with no two shows being the same seems to have delighted fans since the inception of The Game in 2010. In last night’s performance, the brief cameo by talented theatre manager Jon Keevy was a welcome delight, if somewhat confusing for him as well as the audience as to where he fits into the storyline. Our characters are locked inside of the community centre and cannot even attract the attention of the security guard outside, so is Mr Keevy a ghost, invisible superhero or both? Regardless of this unanswered mystery, he clearly deserves a Fleur Du Cap nod just for fighting off fits of giggles and not corpsing in what was clearly an unexpected trick by the Theatre Fates (aka Schorr and Murray).


If nothing else, The Game’s one liners are sure to stick in your mind like persistent ear worms. Some of our favourites include:


Flex your hoof.

Be easy, just be easy…

Is a panga a fruit?


Yes, these quotes are indeed random… as random as the utterances you can expect from the characters Coach Frik and Tatiana Romkova.


As always, the Bar was pumping before and between shows. Owners Nicholas Spagnoletti and Edward van Kuik are making some welcome changes to the menu, including the sexy new plating of the mini canapé board:



We couldn’t resist the sweet potato and butternut soup (R25) and malva pudding (R35) specials once again - of course paired with the best Cosmo and Hot Chocolate in town:




These tasty delights are just some of the fabulous offers the Bar has running all week – we highly recommend the two for one cocktail special on Wednesdays!


If you are looking for a good dose of improv of the absurd, you are sure to get your fix all things unusual and unexpected when you book to see The Game: Redemption!


The Game: Redemption runs at Alexander Upstairs until 14 August, 2015. Tickets are R90 (R80 online) and are available online.




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